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Watch: Glen Davis and Nik Vučević carve a Thanksgiving turkey following win against 76ers

The Magic big men celebrated their win against Philadelphia in a unique way.

The Orlando Magic have a fun tradition for the game immediately preceding Thanksgiving wherein they invite the game's star player, or players, to carve a turkey courtside on the telecast after the buzzer. Hedo Türkoğlu and Zach Randolph, among other players, have earned the honor in past years, but on Wednesday, Nik Vučević and Glen Davis shared the distinction for their performances in Orlando's 105-94 win against the Philadelphia 76ers. Vučević scored 21 points and grabbed 16 rebounds, while Davis added 19 points in his second consecutive start.

Video of the Magic bigs carving the turkey is embedded in this post. There are plenty of highlights in the short clip, including Davis' one-word answer to Dante Marchitelli's question about his favorite Thanksgiving side dish, but no line elicits more laughs than Vučević's response to the same question.

"I think it's called the stuffing? I love that," Vučević said. "And cranberry sauce with that."

Magic play-by-play man David Steele can't abide Vučević's taste for cranberry sauce, but to each his own. I myself can't get enough of the stuff, and eagerly await chowing down on it Thursday.

Video from Matt Moore on YouTube via Eye on Basketball.