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Pinstriped Post night quickly approaching

Time is running out for you to help us help under privileged kids get to a Magic game this season.

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Time is running out!

With just under two weeks until the first ever Pinstriped Post Night, we still need your help to help others.

As you may recall, we've teamed up with the Magic to help send a group of under privileged kids to a game that they otherwise may not be able to go to. The game, which lands on a Sunday Family night, will allow the kids the chance to go on the court and shoot layups following the game, as well as an on-court presentation prior to the contest.

With time running out to buy tickets, we need your help!

So far, nearly 100 tickets have been purchased, with a limited amount remaining. There is, however, plenty of room left in the All-Star deck that is being reserved for people who buy 10 or more tickets.

If you forgot what you needed to do, details for the event are below.


Here's how it works

  • You click this link to start: Orlando Pinstriped Post night.
  • Once prompted, use our code "PINSTRIPE" to access the deal.
  • Once there, select however many tickets you would like to purchase. Should you purchase 10 or more tickets, you yourself will get a pair of tickets of your own in the All-Star Deck on the Amway Centers Club Level.
  • Tickets are $15 dollars each. One ticket sends one child, two sends two, etc.
  • Upon purchasing the tickets, you'll need to forward the tickets directly to Josh Strumlauf of the Magic ticket sales department. You can reach Josh at
  • If you purchase more than 10 tickets, you should also contact Josh directly about receiving your pair of tickets for the game either by email or phone at 407-916-2687.
  • The kids will be part of a pre-game presentation as well.
  • For those that purchase 10 or more, they will also have a chance to do a Q&A with myself at halftime of the game.


With the game quickly approaching, there isn't much time left. We need YOU to come out and help.

If we have the success we're hoping we do, we can do this again, and potentially offer bigger and better things.

So please, help out and lets make a little kids day, week, month and possibly even year a little bit better.