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2017 NBA Draft: Orlando Magic trade 35th pick to Memphis Grizzlies

The Magic moved one of their two second round selections.

NBA: Draft Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

Holding four picks in the 2017 NBA draft, the Orlando Magic moved their fourth, and final selection —35th overall — to the Memphis Grizzlies. Memphis will send the Brooklyn Nets 2019 second round pick to the Magic.

Moving the pick makes sense for the Magic. While they have needs across the roster that rookies could’ve filled, carrying four rookies was likely not something new Magic general manager John Hammond would want to do.

With likely high expectations for this season, the Magic need to keep roster spots open to try and add an impact veteran via free agency.

Moving the pick is low risk, and simply pushes the selection back a few years. It could also prove to be a slightly better pick, if the Nets don’t improve.

The Magic still hold the 25th and 33rd selections the remainder of the night, but could still choose to move one or both of those picks.