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Announcing the 2017 OPP Community Mock Draft

We’re doing a community draft and need your help.

2017 NBA Draft Combine - Day Two Photo by Stacy Revere/Getty Images

The NBA Draft is an event that all basketball fans seem to enjoy. OPP community regulars and new members alike have become all too familiar with following the draft in the last half-decade. Everyone has an opinion when it comes to the draft; prospects we love, prospects we think will bust; prospects we want the Magic to target, etc.

I’m as guilty as anyone when it comes to my draft obsession, so I thought, why not celebrate my obsession with other OPP community members through a good ol’-fashioned fun, and (hopefully)-enjoyable community mock draft?

For some of the OPP community members who’ve been around for a while, you may remember that Tyler Lashbrook orchestrated this Mock Draft exercise for a couple years, and then BigMac12111 followed his lead for a couple years after that (By the way, just went back and looked at the OPP Community Mock Draft from ‘14. BBQ mocked Nikola Jokic to the Bulls in the mid-1st that year, he was obviously the steal of that draft class going in the Second Round. Well done BBQ!). I’m just hoping to carry on the tradition and get a little community building going with quality content happening as well.

I will follow-up soon with the format of how the Mock Draft is going to go down (rules, deadlines for submission of picks, possible trades, etc.).

For now, I need anyone who’s interested in this exercise to do one thing before MIDNIGHT Saturday night. Post in the comments section below a preferred team AND alternate team that you would like to be assigned to for the Mock Draft. I intend to give preference first to community members that have been with OPP the longest if more than one person wants the same team. If a team is only claimed by one person, then your first choice is yours!

Again, if this is something you all are interested in (and I hope it is), then write the following below:

1. Preferred team you want to Mock Draft for
2. Alternate team you want to Mock for (to break a tie, or cover a second team if we don’t have enough people)

DEADLINE to be in the OPP Community Mock Draft: SATURDAY 6/3, by MIDNIGHT

Thank you! Let’s have some fun.