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Watch: Victor Oladipo converts a circus layup

The Magic rookie had to bank this shot in high off the glass.

Victor Oladipo played a mostly steady game for the Orlando Magic on Sunday in their 103-94 loss to the Los Angeles Lakers, and he also kept up his season-long trend of making highlight reel plays.

At one juncture in the second quarter, Oladipo comes up with a loose ball after Nik Vučević bats Maurice Harkless' miss off the backboard. Rather than reset the offense, Oladipo goes on the attack, dribbling to his right around Kendall Marshall and scooping the ball in high off the glass--just above the square, in fact--for two points. Making the play even more impressive: Oladipo released the ball just above his right hip and still managed to convert the shot. Video of the play is embedded above.

If we're honest, Oladipo didn't make the best decision in uncorking this particular shot, but one can't argue with the results. He finished the game with 21 points, five rebounds, and 10 assists, albeit with eight turnovers.