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Watch: Victor Oladipo dunks on fellow rookies at NBA photoshoot

The Magic rookie clowned on fellow first-year players in an event Tuesday.

We're in the dog days of summer and the NBA offseason, but Tuesday offered two bits of fun for NBA die-hards. Most notable was the release of the NBA's 2013/14 schedule--here's a look at the Orlando Magic's, in case you missed it--but we shouldn't overlook the NBA's annual rookie photoshoot. The league's first-year players gathered in New York to take some photos for the league and a few trading-card companies, and there were several highlights from the event.

One highlight involved Orlando's own Victor Oladipo, the second overall pick in June's Draft. He and Charlotte Bobcats big man Cody Zeller, a teammate of his at Indiana, goofed on their fellow rookies by dunking on them during their shoots. As you can see in the clip above, Oladipo drove at the unwitting victims with a Nerf ball and banged on them, with Zeller holding an appropriately sized hoop. I'm hard-pressed to pick a favorite posterization from the brief clip, but the cold manner in which the former Hoosiers prank Utah Jazz point guard Trey Burke might just send it to the top of the list.

The next step for Oladipo would be to celebrate like the guy in this Vine did, but he may have some competition for those sweet moves: Magic teammate Maurice Harkless tweeted that he might use them the next time he crams on someone.

Video via ESPN's YouTube channel.

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