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Watch: Nikola Vucevic talks about the loss against the Bobcats

The Magic center addressed the media following Tuesday's loss to Charlotte.

Nik Vucevic posted 18 points and 11 rebounds to record his 30th double-double of the season in the Orlando Magic's loss against the Charlotte Bobcats on Tuesday night.

The team rested during the All-Star break - and Vucevic said the loss had nothing to do with the team being tired.

"We just didn't play hard enough." Vucevic said. "It wasn't that we were tired or anything. We just turn it on from the get-go."

He also said the Orlando Magic's first half was completely different from the second.

"We played two different halves tonight." Vucevic said. "In the first half, we played with no energy, they were getting whatever they wanted, they scored 63 points. So in the second half, we just turned it up and we really started playing well on the defensive end. [In terms of] communication, we really helped each other, we cut the lead, we had a chance. It was just tough not to let them get going."

Veteran guards Jameer Nelson and Arron Afflalo both were vocal after the Orlando Magic's poor first half effort.

"Jameer was vocal, I was vocal, the young guys listened and they responded." Afflalo said.