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Watch: J.J. Redick frustrated with Magic's eight game losing streak

J.J. Redick discusses the Magic's loss to New York on Saturday.

Averaging career-highs of 14.1 points per game and 4.7 assists per game, Orlando Magic sixth man J.J. Redick expressed his disappointment after the visiting New York Knicks stole the Magic's chance to avoid an eight-game losing streak. Redick, so far this season, has converted 35.5-percent of his three-pointers from downtown.

Against the Chicago Bulls and New York, however, Redick hasn't been able to shoot efficiently from downtown. The three-point specialist made 4-of-17 in those two contests.

"Losing games, close (games), against good teams is frustrating." Redick said. "It's all frustrating[...] We need to get more shots, make more stops. Unfortunately, that's probably what it comes down to [...] I don't expect our team to give in to losing and frustration. I expect us to continue to play hard, and we'll win some games, we'll turn it around."

Orlando will start its four-game road trip out west. Its first stop will be in Portland as the Magic face the Portland Trail Blazers featuring point guard Damian Lillard, a Rookie of the Year candidate.

"Road trips can bring you together a little bit." Redick said. "Our last road trip out west did that, and frankly we had a chance to win all five games. I think this can be a good trip for us."