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Ty Tuesday

Collecting Tyler Lashbrook's Tuesday columns.

Ty Tuesday: Reviewing the Magic's season

What did Tyler Lashbrook learn from the Magic's most recently concluded campaign? He explains in this Ty Tuesday.

Ty Tuesday: Looking at the Magic's rebuild

How can the Magic take the next step in their rebuilding process? Tyler Lashbrook dishes on that topic in the latest Ty Tuesday.

Ty Tuesday: Let's revisit the WoNK pick

Where will the Magic's second first-rounder land, and who might be available when Orlando is on the clock? Tyler checks in on the WoNK in this Ty Tuesday.

Ty Tuesday: Andrew Nicholson's struggles

The young power forward has regressed in his second season. Tyler Lashbrook breaks down whats wrong in this week's Ty Tuesday.

Ty Tuesday: Players to watch in NCAA play-in games

Tyler Lashbrook turns his eyes to the NCAA Tournament in this edition of Ty Tuesday.

Ty Tuesday: Can Parker and Harris coexist?

Tyler Lashbrook dishes on the Draft in a Thursday edition of his Ty Tuesday column.

Ty Tuesday: Harris thriving without Davis

The Magic's buyout of Davis has freed Harris to log significant time at power forward, his best position. Tyler Lashbrook explains more in this week's Ty Tuesday.

Ty Tuesday: Get to know Dewayne Dedmon

The Magic signed the rookie center to a 10-day contract Tuesday. Tyler Lashbrook breaks down his game in the second of two Ty Tuesday entries this week.

Ty Tuesday: Get to know Adonis Thomas

The Magic will reportedly sign the former Memphis swingman. Tyler Lashbrook breaks down his game in the first of two Ty Tuesday entries this week.

Ty Tuesday: Evaluating the Magic and looking ahead

In this week's Ty Tuesday, Tyler Lashbrook looks at where Orlando stands at the unofficial midpoint of the season and previews some key stories that could play out over its final 28 games.

Ty Tuesday: Three takeaways from weekend wins

In this edition, we look at three things to take away from Orlando's impressive home stand.

Ty Tuesday: Magic WoNK pick possibilities

Orlando is owed a 2014 first-rounder--colloquially known as the WoNK pick--from either Denver or New York. In this week's column, Tyler Lashbrook assesses some players who could be available with that pick.

Ty Tuesday: Harris and Oladipo coming around

The two youngsters have played well of late, offering Magic fans hope for a brighter future, as Tyler Lashbrook writes in this week's column.

Ty Tuesday: The case for Kyle O'Quinn

The second-year big man makes a big impact on both ends of the floor. Tyler Lashbrook breaks it down in this week's Ty Tuesday.

Sigh Bluesday: Orlando hits rock bottom

The Magic have reached their nadir, writes Tyler Lashbook in his latest column.

Ty Tuesday: Türkoğlu's legacy, potential additions

In this week's column, Tyler reflects on the versatile forward's tenure in Orlando and examines potential free-agent replacements for him.

Ty Tuesday: Wins, losses, and a divided fanbase

Are the Magic better off winning or losing? Fans can't seem to agree. Tyler Lashbrook takes on that topic in this week's Ty Tuesday.

Ty Tuesday: Dealing with Glen Davis

In this edition of Ty Tuesday, we take a look at Orlando's rotation, and Tyler proposes a change to the starting lineup.

Ty Tuesday: Trade ideas for Magic's veterans

In this week's column, we discuss the Magic's trade assets and where the team stands in the NBA's trade marketplace.

Ty Tuesday: Two approaches to team-building

In this week's column, we explore two disparate forms of team-building that were on display over the weekend.

Oladipo at the point, Afflalo excelling

In this Tuesday's column, we talk about Oladipo's turnovers and nod toward the work Afflalo has done so far this season.