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Orlando Magic Schedule 2012/13

Collects OPP's weekly Magic schedule posts for the 2012/13 NBA season

Magic schedule, week 25

The Magic play two playoff teams in the season's final week.

Magic schedule, week 24

Two home games are on tap for the Magic in the season's second-to-last week.

Magic schedule, week 23

The Magic play all four games on the road this week, three of them against teams that will make the playoffs, as they finish a tough five-game road trip.

Magic schedule, week 22

Two home games and two away games are on the schedule for the Magic this week, including a home game with the Miami Heat and their 26-game winning streak.

Magic schedule, week 21

The Magic continue their four-game road trip this week, with Oklahoma City making their only visit to Orlando later in the week.

Magic schedule, week 20

The long-awaited home game against Dwight Howard and the Los Angeles Lakers takes place on Tuesday, followed by two tough games on the road.

Magic schedule, week 19

Two away games followed by two home games are on tap for the season's 19th week for Orlando.

Magic schedule, week 18

Three home games and one away game are on tap for the Magic in the season's 18 week, including a three-game homestand.

Magic schedule, week 17

With the All-Star Break complete, the Magic resume action with four games this week.

Magic schedule, week 16

Orlando will be trying for its first two-game winning streak in nearly two months this week, as they host the Atlanta Hawks on Wednesday evening.

Magic schedule, week 15

Orlando's roadtrip ends Monday.

Magic schedule, week 14

Orlando embarks on a five-game roadtrip up the East coast.

Magic schedule, week 13

The Magic play the Pistons twice in their three-game week.

Magic schedule, week 12

One roadtrip ends and a homestand begins for the Magic in their 12th week.

Magic schedule, week 11

Orlando's schedule does not relent in the season's 11th week as it plays three games, all away from Amway Center.

Magic schedule, week 10

Orlando is mired in a five-game losing streak and its schedule only gets more difficult, with three games against likely playoff teams in the coming week.

Magic schedule, week nine

The Magic's post-Christmas schedule is reasonably light, with three games against likely lottery teams.

Magic schedule, week eight

In the eighth week of the season, the 10-13 Magic play three of their four games at home.

Magic schedule, week seven

Orlando returns from a successful 3-2 Western roadtrip with a light, three-game slate.

Magic schedule, week six

The Magic play four games in six days, including a Monday matchup against the upstart Warriors, as their roadtrip continues.

Magic schedule, week five

The Magic conclude their homestand and then embark on their first West Coast roadtrip of the season, which opens with a visit to Dwight Howard and his Lakers.

Magic schedule, week four

Orlando gets to enjoy some home cooking the week of Thanksgiving, but first has to handle the Hawks in Atlanta.

Magic schedule, week three

The Magic, coming off an 0-4 week, face New York, Detroit, and Toronto in the third week of the season.

Magic schedule, week two

After two home victories, the Magic embark on their first road trip of the 2012/13 season.

Magic Schedule, Week One

A new era of Magic basketball begins this week with games against Denver and Phoenix.