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Off-Day Open Thread

Off-Day Open Thread: Hedo Turkoglu's Disappointing Season

Word out of Toronto is that Raptors forward Hedo Turkoglu has essentially taken the year off in his first year away from the Orlando Magic, for whom he played 5 years, contributing 2 excellent ones most recently. OPP wonders how Magic fans feel that their one-time darling has flamed out in his new digs.

Off-Day Open Thread: What's J.J. Redick Worth?

J.J. Redick turned in a marvelous performance for the Orlando Magic yesterday, with 23 points, 7 rebounds, and 8 assists. It's part of what's been his best season, and he's due to be a free agent this summer. OPP opens the floor to debate the merits of re-signing Redick, and what he might fetch on the open market.

Off-Day Open Thread: a Rift Develops in the Orlando Magic's Locker Room in Wake of Tough Loss to the Atlanta Hawks

Brian Schmitz of the Orlando Sentinel reports that the Orlando Magic, the NBA's most dominant team since the All-Star break, have a locker-room tiff on their hands. Forwards Rashard Lewis and Matt Barnes are unhappy with coach Stan Van Gundy, and Van Gundy's unhappy with them to boot. OPP explains the situation and polls its readers about it.

Off-Day Open Thread: Dwight Howard and Marcin Gortat at the Power Positions

With the playoffs approaching, and after the pair successfully played together last night, Orlando Pinstriped Post asks if Dwight Howard and Marcin Gortat are a viable combination at the power positions for the Orlando Magic.

Off-Day Open Thread: Should We Worry about Rashard Lewis?

Orlando Magic forward Rashard Lewis has played poorly in all facets of the game lately, but insists he doesn't mind it as long as the Magic are winning. OPP asks if Lewis' decline might have long-term ramifications, and if that attitude is really the best one to have.

Off-Day Open Thread: Statistical Analysis and What It Means to You

An off-day open thread asking the OPP community what advanced statistics it wants to know more about?

Off-Day Open Thread: the Orlando Magic and NBA Buyout Season

NBA players hoping to leave their current teams in order to sign with a contender must be waived by this Monday to be playoff-eligible. Will the Orlando Magic be interested in re-signing Tony Battie, who is likely to gain his freedom from the New Jersey Nets?

Off-Day Open Thread: What Do You Want to See From the Orlando Magic in the Next Few Games?

An off-day open thread asking the OPP community what it wants to see from the Orlando Magic in the next few games?

Off-Day Open Thread: NBA Jam and the Orlando Magic

An off-day open thread asking the OPP community to choose which Orlando Magic players it would like to see in NBA Jam.

Off-Day Open Thread: Looking Ahead to 2010

An off-day open thread asking the OPP community to decipher what its looking forward to from the Orlando Magic in 2010.

Off-Day Open Thread: Looking Back at 2009

An off-day open thread asking the OPP community to decipher which Orlando Magic memory was its favorite in 2009.

Off-Day Open Thread: Dwight Howard, Orlando Magic Teammates Unhappy with Other Teams for Fouling Howard Hard

Troy Murphy's hard foul on Dwight Howard last night has again stirred the debate about the ethics of intentionally hacking an offensive player in order to prevent an easy layup or dunk. Where do you stand?

Off-Day Open Thread: Where Dedication Happens

Thanking 3QC's co-writer, Eddy Rivera, for his hard work over the last year. Eddy will be unable to provide live coverage of Orlando Magic games and practices because he is pursuing his graduate degree in journalism. However, he will still write for the site on occasion.

Off-Day Open Thread: Football and the Orlando Magic

An off-day open thread asking the 3QC community to decipher which football position makes sense for each Orlando Magic player on the roster.

Off-Day Open Thread: Gathering The Pulse Of Orlando Magic Fans

Off-Day Open Thread: the Orlando Magic's Roster Appears to be Complete

After signing Adonal Foyle, the Orlando Magicc's roster stands at 13 players, the league's minimum, so it's unlikely they'll make any more moves. But should they try to add another cheap veteran? An open discussion in the 3QC community.

Off-Day Open Thread: A Question For Orlando Magic Fans

Breaking down a column by Andrea Adelson of the Orlando Sentinel and asking the community whether or not the overwhelming support for the Orlando Magic - visible around the city and at Amway Arena - will continue next season?

Off-Day Open Thread: What's Your Favorite Orlando Magic Memory This Postseason?

3QC asks, "What was your favorite Orlando Magic memory this postseason?"

Off-Day Open Thread: Keys To Game 7

An open thread asking the 3QC community to list their keys to Game 7 tomorrow night for the Orlando Magic.

Share Your Favorite Chuck Daly Memory

A post which offers people the chance to reflect on the career of Chuck Daly and the accomplishments he garnered as a coach.

Off-Day Open Thread: Say It Ain't So, Hedo

A quick look at how Hedo Turkoglu has been hurting the Orlando Magic in their series versus the Philadelphia 76ers.

Off-Day Open Thread: Predict The Orlando Magic / Philadelphia 76ers Series Outcome

Predict the Orlando Magic / Philadelphia 76ers series outcome.

Off-Day Open Thread: What's Your Favorite Orlando Magic Memory This Regular Season?

What was your favorite Orlando Magic memory this regular season?

Off-Day Open Thread: Hedo Turkoglu Sounds Off

A quick look at the prospects of Hedo Turkoglu re-signing with the Orlando Magic during the upcoming off-season.

Off-Day Open Thread: ESPN Wants To Hear From You!

Off-Day Open Thread: Orlando Magic's Mount Rushmore

Orlando Magic's Mount Rushmore.

Off-Day Open Thread: 3QC Questionnaire

A 3QC questionnaire.

Off-Day Open Thread: New Years Edition

With the year oh nine officially here, I felt today would be a perfect time to gather everyone's New Year's resolution relating to the Orlando Magic.

Off-Day Open Thread: Where Do The Orlando Magic Stand?

With the Magic's recent flurry of home wins against West heavyweights (San Antonio Spurs, Los Angeles Lakers) this past week, it's worth checking out (in case anyone here has missed it) where the power rankings place Orlando and determine whether the critics are right or wrong.

(Another) Off-Day Open Thread: Addressing the Orlando Magic's Glut of Shooting Guards

Wondering how Orlando Magic coach should divvy up the team's shooting-guard minutes between Keith Bogans, Courtney Lee, Mickael Pietrus, and J.J. Redick.

Off-Day Open Thread: My 2009 Eastern Conference All-Star Ballot

With the 2009 All-Star Game steadily approaching, I feel it's a good time to share my ballot and recognize the players that deserve to represent the Eastern Conference in Phoenix on February 15, 2009. So without further ado, here are my choices ..

Off-Day Open Thread: Has Jameer Nelson Silenced His Critics?

Discussing the merits of Jameer Nelson as the Orlando Magic's long-term answer at point guard.