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Off-Day Open Thread

Should the Magic have traded for Cousins?

The Kings dealt Boogie for pennies on the dollar.

Poll: Should the Orlando Magic Consider Benching Hedo Turkoglu?

Orlando Magic coach Stan Van Gundy told the media Monday night he hasn't considered moving Hedo Turkoglu out of his team's starting lineup. Is he making a mistake by keeping the 12-year veteran there?

Poll: Which Bought-Out NBA Free Agent Should the Orlando Magic Pursue?

A look at potential NBA free agents the Orlando Magic could sign on the cheap as they make their playoff push.

Poll: Who Should the Orlando Magic Start at Small Forward against Indiana Pacers on Sunday?

The Orlando Magic may have to replace both of their starting wing players Sunday, due to Hedo Turkoglu's suspension and an injury to Jason Richardson. Assuming Richardson cannot play and J.J. Redick takes his place, who should replace Turkoglu in the lineup?

Lee: Rashard Lewis May Miss Season due to Right Knee Trouble

OPP asks if Rashard Lewis' right-knee injury, which may cause him to miss the balance of the season, affects how Orlando Magic fans evaluate the trade which sent Lewis to the Washington Wizards for Gilbert Arenas.

NBA Trade Deadline Open Thread

A place for Orlando Magic fans to discuss the NBA trade deadline live.

Off-Day Open Thread: Should the Orlando Magic Move Gilbert Arenas into the Starting Lineup?

Gilbert Arenas' strong all-around performance against the San Antonio Spurs may have sparked an Orlando Magic point guard controversy. OPP asks if coach Stan Van Gundy should move Arenas to the starting group.

Off-Day Open Thread: Does Chris Duhon Still Have Your Confidence?

OPP asks its community if it believes in backup point guard Chris Duhon's ability to run the Orlando Magic's offense.

Off-Day Open Thread: Will the Orlando Magic Wear Their New Alternate Uniforms to Excess?

OPP asks its readers if the Orlando Magic should tone down the frequency with which they plan to wear their alternate uniforms.

Off-Day Open Thread: Stan Van Gundy Has Some Opinions

OPP gives its readers an opportunity to weigh in on which quote from Stan Van Gundy following his Orlando Magic's collapse against the Utah Jazz is most accurate.

Off-Day Open Thread: Which Unusual Orlando Magic Lineup Combination Would You Like to See the Team Try Next?

In advance of the Orlando Magic's next preseason game, OPP asks Magic fans which two-player combination it'd like to see the team experiment with in the future.

Off-Day Open Thread: Should the Orlando Magic Sign a Fourth Point Guard to Substitute for Jason Williams During the Preseason?

The Orlando Magic learned yesterday that they'll be without third-string point guard Jason Williams for three-to-four weeks due to knee surgery. One Magic beat writer said they "need" to find a fourth point guard as an insurance policy. OPP asks its readers to weigh in.

Off-Day Open Thread: Which Orlando Magic Player Combination Do You Most Look Forward to Using in NBA Jam?

With the recent announcement of NBA Jam rosters for Eastern Conference teams, OPP asks its readers which Magic lineup they're most excited to use when the game comes out.

Off-Day Open Thread: Who is the Orlando Magic's Biggest Rival?

OPP asks its readership to name the Orlando Magic's biggest rival. Are the Boston Celtics and L.A. Lakers, who have recent postseason history, the winners here? Is it the Miami Heat, who play in the same division and state as the Magic, and employ three players who've had incredible success against them since 2007? Or Is there another team that measures up to those three?

Off-Day Open Thread: Does Fran Vazquez's Career Interest You?

Orlando Pinstriped Post asks its readers if they're still interested in Orlando Magic draft pick Fran Vazquez, the 11th overall pick in 2005 who infamously spurned the Magic in order to play professionally in Spain.

Off-Day Open Thread: Should Dwight Howard Have Played with Team U.S.A. This Summer?

In light of Team U.S.A.'s ugly win over mediocre Lithuania in an exhibition yesterday, Orlando Pinstriped Post asks if Orlando Magic center Dwight Howard erred in skipping this year's FIBA World Championships.

Off-Day Open Thread: Will Brandon Bass or Marcin Gortat Become the Orlando Magic's "Goon" in the Season Ahead?

OPP asks if the Orlando Magic's backup power forward or backup center could become a "goon" or "enforcer" in the 2010/11 season.

Off-Day Open Thread: Grade the Orlando Magic's Work in the 2010 NBA Draft

An opportunity for Orlando Magic fans to grade their team's choices in the 2010 NBA Draft.

Off-Day Open Thread: Doc Rivers and You

OPP opens the floor to discuss Boston Celtics head coach Doc Rivers, who may leave coaching for a few seasons.

Off-Day Open Thread: Have the NBA Finals Colored Your Impression of the Orlando Magic?

There's a distinct chance that the eventual NBA champions would have ended the Orlando Magic's season in 2010 and 2009. Ben Q. Rock asks what bearing that fact has, if any, on Magic fans' perception of the team.

Off-Day Open Thread: Which Position Should the Orlando Magic Attempt to Upgrade via the NBA Draft?

One of the many decisions Orlando Magic GM Otis Smith faces this summer is by which means to fill the holes in his team's roster. With the draft approaching in 15 days, OPP asks its readers which position Smith should look to improve using that route.

Off-Day Open Thread: What Do You Make of the Orlando Magic's Four-Out/One-In Offense?

OPP invites its readers to discuss the strengths and weaknesses of the Orlando Magic's unique offense, which keeps four ranged shooters on the floor at all times in order to space the floor for franchise center Dwight Howard.

Off-Day Open Thread: Should the Orlando Magic Assign Matt Barnes to Defend Paul Pierce?

Paul Pierce is one of the biggest reasons the Boston Celtics have taken a 2-0 lead against the Orlando Magic in the Eastern Conference Finals. Starting small forward Matt Barnes, who has spent much of this series guarding Ray Allen, has expressed his desire to guard Pierce, with whom he plays pickup ball during the summer, in Game 3. OPP asks its readers if this idea is one coach Stan Van Gundy should implement.

Off-Day Open Thread: How Will the Orlando Magic Fare against the Boston Celtics in Games 3 and 4?

Orlando Pinstriped Post invites its readers to participate in a poll regarding how many games, if any, the Orlando Magic will win at TD Garden as the Eastern Conference Finals shifts to the Boston Celtics' home floor. Orlando trails, 2-0.

Off-Day Open Thread: Should the Orlando Magic Bench Matt Barnes and Move J.J. Redick to the Starting Lineup?

Matt Barnes' bad back is clearly bothering him, and he played poorly in his Orlando Magic's loss to the Boston Celtics in Game 1 of the Eastern Conference Finals. J.J. Redick, in contrast, has played well off the bench. OPP asks its readers if it's already time to shake up the starting lineup.

Off-Day Open Thread: Which Orlando Magic Role-Player Has Made the Biggest Playoff Impact?

OPP asks its readers to name whom they believe the Orlando Magic's most important role player has been so far in these playoffs. Is it Matt Barnes for rebounding and defense, Marcin Gortat for helping spell Dwight Howard, or Mickael Pietrus for his three-point shooting?

Off-Day Open Thread: How Will the Orlando Magic Fare against the Atlanta Hawks in Games 3 and 4?

OPP asks its readers how the next 2 games in the Orlando Magic's playoff series against the Atlanta Hawks will go.

Off-Day Open Thread: the Orlando Magic's Long Wait for the Next Round of the Playoffs

Because the Orlando Magic have swept their first-round playoff series against the Charlotte Bobcats, they'll have a long layoff until their next series. OPP asks if that rest will help or harm the team.

Off-Day Open Thread: Which Struggling Orlando Magic Player Needs to Step Up the Soonest?

The Orlando Magic have a 2-0 series lead over the Charlotte Bobcats despite the fact that many of their players are struggling. OPP asks which one needs to get back in gear in order for the Magic to at least salvage a 1-1 split as the series shifts to Time Warner Cable Arena.

Off-Day Open Thread: Should Mike Miller or Tracy McGrady Figure into the Orlando Magic's Free-Agency Plans This Summer?

Former Orlando Magic swingmen Mike Miller and Tracy McGrady have both expressed an interest in returning to the Magic this summer as free agents. Ben Q. Rock asks if Orlando should make the interest in a reunion mutual.

Off-Day Open Thread: Should the Orlando Magic Curb Their Complaining to Referees?

A series of run-ins with game officials has Orlando Magic beat write Brian Schmitz worried about the team losing its composure in the postseason. Is it really a cause for concern? OPP gives its readers a chance to weigh in.

Off-Day Open Thread: Jameer Nelson's Point-Guard Worldview

OPP uses yet another Orlando Magic off day to spark discussion of point guard Jameer Nelson's playmaking philosophy, which he summed up after a win against the Cleveland Cavaliers last month.