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Guest Posts

Guest Post: John Schuhmann on Vince Carter's Recent Postseason History

John Schuhmann of, who covered Orlando Magic guard Vince Carter's 2 most recent postseason appearances in 2006 and 2007 when Carter was a New Jersey Net, elaborates on Carter's recent playoff past and provides context for Bill Simmons' recent anti-Carter remarks.

Looking for the Orlando Magic's Best Frontcourt Combination

Jon Nichols evaluates the Orlando Magic's various power forward/center combinations.

Ryan Anderson vs. Brandon Bass: A Statistical Appr

A comparison between Ryan Anderson and Brandon Bass using various advanced statistics.

Tracking Dwight Howard’s Offense in the Magic’s 106-94 Victory Over the Timberwolves

Tracking Defense in the Magic’s 104-99 Victory Over the Jazz

Tracking Defense in the Magic’s 106-98 Victory Over the Pacers

Jon Nichols charted each Orlando Magic player's defense in six categories during their 106-98 win over the Indiana Pacers on Monday night. Read the results, and what they mean, in this post.

Tracking Hustle Plays in the Magic’s 126-118 Victory Over the Warriors

Jon Nichols measures hustle in the Orlando Magic's recent victory over the Golden State Warriors by tracking loose balls, drawn charges, sprints, deflections, and missed blockouts.

Early Statistical Ratings for Orlando Magic Players

Jon Nichols examines the Orlando Magic's advanced stats in the early part of the season

How is the Orlando Magic’s Defense Progressing?

A thorough examination as to how the Orlando Magic, with five new players on the roster, have progressed defensively so far this year, compared to how the team's defense fared in Stan Van Gundy's first year with the team during the 2007-2008 regular season.

Replacing Estimates of Magic 08-09 Stats With Real Ones

Comparing the 08-09 Seasons of Vince Carter and Hedo Turkoglu

Did the Magic make the right move by getting rid of Hedo Turkoglu and acquiring Vince Carter? A statistical look at the two players.

The Intimidation Factor of Dwight Howard, Part II

Jon Nichols examines Dwight Howard's effect on opposing teams' effectiveness scoring in the lane and drawing fouls.

The Intimidation Factor of Dwight Howard

A statistical look at Dwight Howard's impact on opposing players' forays into the paint.

Guest Post: ShamSports on Otis Smith, the Orlando Magic, and "Creative Financing"

Sham, from ShamSports, writes the first Guest Post in 3QC's history, focusing on the Orlando Magic's salary-cap creativity in recent years.