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Photos: Magic raise $17,000 for Orlando Magic Youth Foundation with Garage Sale

The Magic invited the public to RDV SportsPlex, their headquarters and former practice facility, Saturday afternoon for a garage sale benefitting the team's charity.

When small organizations need to raise money for charity, they might host a car wash, a bake sale, or a rummage sale to help them achieve their goals.

The Orlando Magic aren't a small organization, but they nonetheless conducted a rummage sale, of sorts, on Saturday to raise money for the Orlando Magic Youth Foundation. There weren't dinged-up Precious Moments figurines or scratch-and-dent home electronics on sale, however; instead, the Magic offered oodles of memorabilia--autographed stuff, game-worn shoes and gear, player photos, and the like--during their so-called Garage Sale, which was free and open to the public. The team released three photos of the day's event, embedded above.

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All told, the event banked $17,000 for the Orlando Magic Youth Foundation, counting the $5,000 that the McCormick Foundation added as part of their commitment to match the proceeds on a $.50-on-the-dollar basis.

As much fun as a Magic bake sale could have been--picture Kyle O'Quinn showing up with several dozen homemade snickerdoodles, for example--there's no question, given the money the team raised Saturday, that the Magic Garage Sale was a huge hit.

To learn more about the Orlando Magic Youth Foundation, which has helped raise over $18 million for local nonprofits over the last 23 seasons, please visit

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