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New Orlando Magic signage celebrates "Silver Season"

The Magic open their 25th season in October. Have a look at how they've decorated Amway Center for the occasion.

We're embroiled in the dog days of the NBA offseason, but the Orlando Magic are nonetheless hard at work gearing up for their 25th season. The team said Thursday it will announce complete Silver Season celebration plans as the year draws closer, but for now, it passed along some photos of the new décor at Amway Center which they've put up to commemorate the occasion.

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One hallway in the bowels of the arena got a makeover with the team's official Silver Season logo. The Disney Atrium now features banners honoring key figures in Magic history, including team owner Rich DeVos and former point guard Penny Hardaway. Further, new signage adorns the lightposts outside the arena. One features a Photoshopped image of Tracy McGrady with his left arm draped around Maurice Harkless' shoulders, for example.

Orlando's Silver Season officially begins on October 29th against the Indiana Pacers. Training camp opens on October 1st, with the first preseason game scheduled for October 9th against the New Orleans Pelicans.

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