Vogel cut from Pacers


Would he be better than skiles?

Dwight struggling and harden a diva


Doesn't make me miss Dwight. He should have stayed

I miss Stan


"I got screwed, OK? And I want to make this clear: When Sports Illustrated came out with their 50 most fashionable people in sport, the fact that I wasn't on that list is a travesty. I mean, I'm known for my fashion, am I not?

Aaron Gordon statistically compared to his Draft peers


Advanced stats are very kind to Gordon when compared against the other players that were drafted around him

Elfrid Payton is tested by modern NBA - - Rob Mahoney


"The NBA has never been less forgiving to players like Elfrid Payton. His every minute on the floor for the Magic is a test; operating in the league without a reliable jump shot forces a player to not only be skilled and smart, but..."

Parsons Excited about being a Free agent with Dwight


Orlando is mentioned as a possible landing place for both.

Aaron Gordon trying to make jump from great dunker to great player


Dan Feldman talks to Aaron Gordon and Scott Skiles about the Magic forward's potential.

It's a guard's world in the NBA


Article refers to the Knicks, but the main body explains a lot of the Magic's current woes.