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Magic fans would happily trade losing every game if it meant beating the Lakers

The results of an informal survey on Orlando Pinstriped Post's Facebook page indicate that Magic fans don't mind the team going winless the rest of the season as long as it beats the Lakers in Dwight Howard's return on Tuesday.

The Orlando Magic
The Orlando Magic

You may have heard that Tuesday marks Dwight Howard's first game at Amway Center since the Orlando Magic traded him to the Los Angeles Lakers in August. The game is significant for both teams: L.A., which got off to a rough start this season, is battling for playoff position, while the Magic are hoping to build some momentum after winning twice in the last week.

Magic fans, however, are treating Tuesday's showdown with Howard as though it's their team's Super Bowl. An informal, unscientific survey of some Magic fan on the Orlando Pinstriped Post Facebook page page indicated that most fans would be perfectly fine with Orlando losing every game for the rest of the season as long as the Magic beat Howard and the Lakers on Tuesday.

For some fans, the answer is obvious. "Yes, without question," wrote one. "5000%," wrote another. Some people dissented, and only one fan mentioned the negative effect that losing the balance of the schedule would have on Orlando's locker room. "We can't lose all of our confidence!" he wrote.

All told, 31 of the 35 commenters on that post who gave definitive answers said they were OK with the idea of Orlando losing out, but beating L.A.

The most popular response, judging by the number of likes it received, was the following: "only if the Lakers miss the playoffs by one game."

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