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so this years draft is shaping up to be a very interesting draft.. There is generational talent, raw prospects that can be generational players and some really great role players. It feels like this draft is very deep.. I’d also like to dig in some of 2nd round prospects that can really turn out to be steals..

Tier 1: The first 3 prospects are considered generational talent imo.

1. Wembanyama

2. Henderson

3. B. Miller

While the NBA Draft is often dominated by the top prospects, there are always a few sleepers and high-upside players who can make a big impact in the league.

Here are a few players who could be considered sleepers or high-upside prospects in this year's draft:

Tier 2: High upside players

this next tier is quite deep. It can go in multiple directions. But each of them have high upside, also upside of being franchise players/All Stars/borderline All Stars

4. Amen Thompson

5. Jarace Walker

6. Nick Smith Jr.

7. Keyonte George

8. Ausur Thompson

9. Cam Whitmore

Tier 3: the role players

this is mainly a group of very good role players and some might surprise like D. Booker has surprised many people (probably everybody!!)

10. Gradey Dick

11. Derek Lively

12. Sensabaugh

13. Cason Wallace

14. Anthony Black

15. Jett Howard

16. Hood Schofino

17. GG Jackson

there are still serviceable players left in the first round, but i’m focusing mainly on players i’d like for us.

last but not least. The 2nd round players.

We probably not going to draft here, because our roster is loaded. but there are some prospects, i’d be willing to cut for. Some players out there we could stack overseas and some could play a decent role like Houstan is currently doing for us.

1. Tubelis - the dude plays like baby Sabonis. Absolutely love his game!

2. Djurisic - high iq player with great length and great playmaking ability

3. Strawther - can shoot lights out at great size! sleeper pick

4. Trayce Jackson-Davis- the dude plays like baby Wendell Carter Jr. A tad undersized though

5. Arthur Kaluma - like his defense with scoring upside. could be a steal in this draft!

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