Magic Vs Philly game thread redux

Let's run it back. Time to play Philly again. Hopefully we double up on wins like we did in Boston. I also believe the schedule makers hate us lol.

The Magic come in at 20-31 winners of 3 of the last 5 and a nice comeback win at Philly 2 days ago.

Philly comes in at 32-17 and winners of 4 of the last 5 with the loss coming to the Magic.

Statistically Philly leads in all categories except total rebounds.

P. Banchero leads the Magic with 20.7 ppg Embiid leads Philly with 33.6ppg

A win here would set the Magic up for at least a .500 road trip but there are 2 winnable games ahead. A win here could lead to a sweep on the trip

Embiid is still on the injury report for his foot so we'll see if he plays.

Go Magic

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