Game 49 preview, Magic at Heat

Here's my attempt at keeping the magic of third quarter collapse alive, cuz f VOX, thats why.

Pregame Thoughts on heat: I saw Jimmy Butler in Chicago when he was still playing for the Bulls (unbelievable right). He had rented out the nice Dolby theater at AMC but I can't remember the movie. Anyway, solid dude. Even though he was on private time, he was nice and patient with everyone wanting time and pics. Butler has to be one of those all-time different off the court than on the court. His on-court game is essentially being a world class ass that is just really good at basketball. Just a total 180 off the court. Lebron would be my pick for the other side of that coin. "Friendly" on the court and just a complete d-bag off.

Keys to the game: Continue to push the pace, pound the paint and work on defense. Not exactly rocket science, but thats kind of how you win games with this lineup. Don't let Miami's shooters get the crowd going and let Kelle orchestrate and facilitate. A chance to build off momentum and change the recent story against the Heat since Butler's been there. Isaac resting for the first of back to back which is good. I also liked the Mo switch at halftime of last game. I say do it again. One Moe in the first half, other Mo in the second, get peak Mo each half. Prediction: Magic by eight, pull away late.

Random Magic thoughts: The medical advancements for knee injuries in the last twenty years is incredible. Isaac post double knee (career ender) looks the same, a little rusty but still looking all-defense and minister of defense like. I forget watching that kelle had a major knee injury comeback. Looking back at hardaway and tmac, just incredible.

Go Magic. Beat Heat

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