Questions about Markelle Fultz and TOS

As Magic fans ponder what kind of season this young core will have, so much of their success is riding on the most mysterious #1 pick in NBA history: Markelle Fultz. Like all Magic fans, I too, have dreams of Fultz becoming the All-Star player that his talent suggests he can be. But there is still so much about Markelle and his injury that I don't fully understand.

After all, waiting on a young prospect to develop a reliable jumper is a waiting-game that Magic fans have been playing for the last decade. But Markelle is different--we're waiting on him to REMEMBER how to shoot his reliable jumper that he already developed in high school and college.

We've been teased by his mid-range jumper slowly becoming more confident, more fluid. And we've cringed, yet stayed positive as we've seen his 3-point shooting form look completely different from his mid/inside shooting form. All Magic fans know that Markelle's shooting will determine whether he is a reliable starter/backup point guard or an All-Star who leads the Magic to the playoffs. And it leaves this Magic fan with so many questions that have yet to be answered.

I apologize if these have indeed been answered elsewhere (feel free to send a link), but I have yet to come across straight, satisfying answers to the questions:

1) Is Thoracic Outlet Syndrome a condition or an injury? The word "syndrome" makes it sound like an ongoing condition rather than an injury that was sustained.

2) Can you fully heal from TOS or can you only manage the symptoms? Does Markelle still suffer from TOS?

3) If his TOS was caused by an injury, when/how did he sustain this injury?

(I’ve heard the BMX accident conspiracy theory)

4) Markelle seems to have mostly re-gained his college shooting form when he’s within 18 feet.

a. What is stopping him from taking this shooting form out to the 3-point line?

b. Is he still trying to a find a form to compensate for his TOS? i.e. the cause of his funky outside shooting form is a result of him searching for a form that will allow him to keep feeling in his fingertips during his shot?

c. Is it simply what we all fear--he's forgotten or lost confidence in his ability to shoot from outside?

(Please don’t tell me he lacks the upper body strength to shoot it from distance—he’s a professional athlete, so to say "he’s not strong enough" is just silly.)

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