Unrelated Magic Trade to move Westbrook and Kyrie

I ran with the trade ideas to move Durant and Mitchell, but left them out for separate trades.

Utah gets Westbrook, Cam Thomas and picks
Nets get Beasley, Bogdonavic, and Clarkson
Lakers get Kyrie and Beverly (Rudy Gay can be included if needed)

Leaving the option for a Mitchell trade to the Knicks and Durant to go wherever. But I think this would be reasonable for all teams, Cam Thomas could replace Mitchell after being traded and Lakers get PG depth they need. The Nets get short term pieces to put around Ben Simmons and potentially clear some cap space.

I would think a Mitchel trade would be

Knicks get Mitchell
Utah gets Toppin, Grimes, and Fournier plus 4+ picks

Full unrealistic trade looks like:

Am I trash at this?

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