This is the year to be positive again!

Ok guys i get it! It's been 11 years wandering through the desert. We were bad, we had no direction.

Frankly, the Orlando Magic sucked! Posters had a right to be angry,cynical,even grumpy.

However, it's time to at least try to be fans again. I'm making this post because this forum has gotten way too negative.

Yes we know it's probably 4-6 posters overshadowing all the rest. So i am asking us all to come together and at least try to be positive again. Let's be fans again!

So in the spirit of brotherhood, true Magic fans i'm asking us all to come together. No calling anyone out, no divisive posting in this thread, only unity!

If you believe in the Magic and this post chime in and say proudly" OH CAPTAIN, MY CAPTAIN!"

Go Magic!

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