Going ALL in on this years draft.

I started thinking about having two high draft picks last year really jump started or rebuild in a significant way and wondering if we could / should do it again. Then I started looking at next years draft class. Wembanyama truly looks like the truth, an honest to goodness consensus #1 and franchise changer. So could we be inline for a top pick next year too? With two picks i considered it but unless we commit to tanking which we won't we have no shot. NO ONE is trading the top pick next year.

I think we will be much improved next year barring injury. Fultz was just finding his groove again. Suggs and Franz will take another step forward. If JI stays healthy and is even 70% or who he was we are in the play in tournament IMO. So should be we not go all in on this draft?!

Unless it's all a ruse (very possible with our front office) I think the Magic are taking Jabari. I think he is worthy and provides little risk and high reward. Now if you could get another high pick would you swing it. Is there anyone worth it even if they take time to develop.

What i'm proposing is a luxury because of the #1 pick and a big swing...

The Kings are so desperate for success they wan to have pieces to win now. No one is trading them a blue chipper or an all star for the #4 pick in a 3 man draft. I would approach them with the following deal:

Magic get Donte DiVencenzo and the #4 pick. Kings get Ross, Cole, Chuma and our first rounder next year with a top 5 protection on it. Would they love this deal? No are they getting better from someone else? No

This was hard I love Ross but he's ready for a change, I love Cole but with who we pick he would have to go, and I love Chuma but the next step keeps taking 2 steps forward and then 1 back. I considered throwing in JI but his trade value is at an all time low.

With the #4 pick I would take a chance on a high school kid no one has seen play meaninful games yet. Shadeon Sharpe! He is going to be raw and athletic but will likely take some time to develop. The main line up would be:

Fultz / Suggs / Franz / JI / WCJ

Devin / Sharpe / RJ / Smith / Bamba / Mo Wagner

By the end of the year I think we would have traded Bamba and maybe RJ. I think Devin deserves a real shot to lead 2nd team. I would use both 2nd round picks on a guard and a bigger center to develop. Let's say Ryan Rollin as a combo guard and Koloko. So deep bench would be Rollins / koloko / bol bol.

Long term I could see a number of things happening. But 5 years from now I could see Suggs / Sharpe / Franz / Smith / WCJ as the starters with all kinds of switching and havoc defense going on.

PS. If it took another pick I would give our 2025 first rounder lottery protected to the Kings.


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