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Orlando Magic win the draft lottery, get first overall pick in 2022 NBA Draft


2021 NBA Draft Lottery Photo by Steve Freeman/NBAE via Getty Images

The Orlando Magic have been long overdue for a lucky bounce, and they finally get one.

The Magic, who along with the Rockets, Pistons and Thunder had the top odds of getting the first overall pick entering the draft lottery with a 14-percent chance, landed the top pick in the 2022 draft after winning the lottery.

Despite being in rebuilding mode for the better part of the last decade, it is perhaps the first time the Magic and their fans have come out of the lottery feeling satisfied with their draft positioning since the team won the top overall pick in 1993 in stunning fashion.

Instead of taking the best player that falls to them, the Magic will have their pick of Auburn’s Jabari Smith, Duke’s Paolo Banchero, Gonzaga’s Chet Holmgren and the other top prospects in this year’s draft.

Here is how our resident draft expert Aaron Goldstone ranks the top five prospects for the Magic in the upcoming draft…

Aaron Goldstone’s Orlando Magic Big Board:

1a. Jabari Smith

1b. Paolo Banchero

3. Chet Holmgren

4. A.J. Griffin

5. Jaden Ivey

(Stay tuned for Goldstone’s annual NBA draft player profiles coming soon)

Until Tuesday, the Magic had been unable to beat the odds or improve upon their expected draft position since 1993 when they won the top overall pick in stunning fashion.

The Magic also had top odds in last year’s lottery but got the fifth pick, making it the fifth time in the last seven lotteries in which they’ve participated where the Magic have taken a step back relative to their finishing order.

After another injury-ravaged season, the Magic finished with the second-worst record in the NBA at 22-60, assuring them of a top-six pick in the draft.

The Magic entered the lottery with a 13.4 percent chance of getting the second pick, a 12.7 percent chance of the third pick, an 11.9 percent chance of the fourth pick, a 27.8 percent chance the fifth pick and a 20-percent chance of the sixth pick.

The Magic won the lottery for the fourth time in franchise history, having also received the first pick in the draft in 1992 (Shaquille O’Neal), 1993 (Chris Webber) and 2004 (Dwight Howard).

Now it’s up to Jeff Weltman and John Hammond to make the right pick in a draft where there is not a consensus No. 1 pick.

Here are the full draft lottery results:

14. Cleveland Cavaliers

13. Charlotte Hornets

12. Oklahoma City Thunder (from Clippers)

11. New York Knicks

10. Washington Wizards

9. San Antonio Spurs

8. New Orleans Pelicans (from Lakers)

7. Portland Trail Blazers

6. Indiana Pacers

5. Detroit Pistons

4. Sacramento Kings

3. Houston Rockets

2. Oklahoma City Thunder

  1. Orlando Magic!!!!

The 2022 NBA Draft is on June 23.