Your (2021) Draft Choices, Revisited!

For those that remember, just after the 2021 NBA Draft I posted a Fanpost asking the members of OPP who they would have drafted once we knew who was actually available when the Magic selected. Since we're only a few days before the Lotto & Combine, we're about to dive head-first into the 2022 Draft and I wanted to remind everyone how our "would have drafted" selections did.

So here's the list:

User Pick 5 Pick 8 Pick 33
Evan Dunlap Suggs Sengun JT Thor
Lee Wells Suggs Moody Neemias Queta
BBQ Suggs Moody McBride
DFMcManus Suggs Wagner Trade
Shagrs11 Suggs Wagner Cash
jimmy Suggs Wagner Trade
d.mantis Suggs Wagner Begarin
Thorrison Suggs Moody Herb Jones
NickDC Suggs Moody Wieskamp
TrollWizard Kuminga Moody Boston
crambo211 Suggs Moody Jokubaitis
Natles Suggs Wagner Cooper
Aaron Goldstone Suggs Wagner Bassey
FlaSportsFan Suggs Kispert Cash
airmaxpg Suggs Moody Boston
3.3seconds Suggs Sengun Cooper
whitemencanjump Suggs Primo McBride
cookiez Suggs Bouknight Cash
cyberstrike Suggs Bouknight Boston

Nearly everyone would have saddled the Magic with Suggs' rough rookie year, though I'd but many of us still think he can figure things out and become the long-term option we felt we were drafting. Trollwizard was the long Kuminga drafter, who I think had a better rookie seasons than many of us thought he would -- granted he played a limited role on a great team.

Props go out to those on the board that trusted the Magic's 2nd pick of Franz Wagner. Many of us took the "high floor" of Moody, who does seem like he'll get there eventually, but Franz was CLEARLY the right call. We had a few Sengun & Bouknight believers. Sengun showed some flashes, while Bouknight had a mostly forgettable rookie year. Primo still seems like a bit of a reach, but he is still super young. Kispert had an underrated rookie year, looking like he'll have a long career as a floor-spacing role player.

Huge props to Thorrison, who would have nabbed the steal of the draft in Herb Jones in the 2nd round!

Cooper & McBride had very short runs in the NBA, but both had strong showings in the G-League.

Thanks to everyone for participating, and I hope to do this again for the upcoming 2022 draft.

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