From Edmonton With Love

From 2008-2013 I worked for a professional lacrosse club and learned everything I could about watching and understanding lacrosse. In 2012, we were taken to Denver to watch their lacrosse club and got to see the Nuggets practice floor. This is when I learned to love basketball. Watching basketball through a lacrosse fans eyes, there truly are so many similarities between the sports in gameplay (much more so than hockey which in Canada is the sport it's usually compared to).

I own a Ty Lawson and a Jamal Murray jersey. The next jersey I want is a Jalen Suggs jersey.

With Gary Harris and RJ Hampton already in Orlando combined with me being all in on the hype around Suggs, I'm politely asking if I can hop on the Magic bandwagon even before it is done being built.

I've used this site and The Athletic to read and learn as much as I could about the team that will come together for the upcoming season. I've read that Fultz and Isaac are key players with no certain return dates set. I understand this season is not about playing .500 basketball, it's about playing .250 to .333 ball with the emphasis being figuring out how to put the mash of 1's and 2's and 4's into situations and rotations that highlight players strengths.

I understand "my boy" Harris is likely traded at the deadline in many people's minds. I'm attached to the notion that starting next to Suggs is going to earn him a fresh new contract here. I also understand I'm horribly under-qualified to make that statement.

Summer League to me is not about who can play in the NBA it's about who cannot. Suggs showed that he can. The chemistry he seems to have with Hampton on Twitter I like to think maximizes Hampton's potential and efficiency.

I don't know much but I know I'm excited about coming in on the ground floor and being a part of taking the stairway to meaningful playoff games. I'll keep reading and learning.

Cheers from Edmonton, Alberta.


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