Your Draft Choices [Updated!]

Here we are. Draft night is done and the Magic have selected Jalen Suggs, Franz Wagner, and [cash considerations]. There's going to be tons of discussion, debate, and general chatter about the calls the Magic FO made tonight. There's likely a front page post for that, or two, maybe even three.

So what I wanted to do here, is give the OPP fans a chance to put their scouting reps on the line, and declare with finality: "This is who I would have drafted."

I'd like to list the draft order as it happened. If you're willing, if you're brave enough, feel free to post in the comments who you would have taken at the spots the Magic chose, knowing now who was off the draft board by the time you picked. We can revisit this Post after the rookie season and take a look at the players that everyone would have selected & really see how much better/worse the youtube-scouting contingent was.

Once you take your player, assume that the rest of the teams kept picking as they did. If you take someone that another team took, go ahead and assume they took who the Magic took tonight instead. It's not perfect, but it should do the job.

Without further ado, here's the order of players taken:

1. Cade Cunningham

2. Evan Mobley

3. Jalen Green

4. Scottie Barnes

5. [your selection here] - Magic took Jalen Suggs

6. Josh Giddy

7. Jon Kuminga

8. [your selection here] - Magic took Franz Wagner

9. Davion Mitchell

10. Ziaire Williams

11. James Bouknight

12. Josh Primo

13. Chris Duarte

14. Moses Moody

15. Corey Kispert

16. Alperen Sengun

17. Trey Murphy III

18. Tre Mann

19. Kai Jones

20. Jalen Johnson

21. Keon Johnson

22. Isaiah Jackson

23. Usman Garuba

24. Josh Christopher

25. Quentin Grimes

26. Nah'Shon Lee "Bones" Hyland

27. Cam Thomas

28. Jaden Springer

29. Day'Ron Sharpe

30. Santi Aldama

31. Isaiah Todd

32. Jeremiah Robinson-Earl

33. [your selection here] - Magic traded for Future 2nd & Cash

This isn't a "maybe this player or this player" or a debate...all things being equal, if you were on the clock at those picks...who do you take?


Now that Summer League has begun, and we can now see how prospects are playing, I'm shutting down any new entries into this exercise. The idea was to guess based on what we knew pre-draft, which is no longer the case. Any new info now will either be bragging rights or regrets.

The plan is to revisit this at the end of the season, and see how we all would have done!

Here's the final rundown from those brave enough to put their scouting chops to the test:

User Pick 5 Pick 8 Pick 33
Evan Dunlap Suggs Sengun JT Thor
Lee Wells Suggs Moody Neemias Queta
BBQ Suggs Moody McBride
DFMcManus Suggs Wagner Trade
Shagrs11 Suggs Wagner Cash
jimmy Suggs Wagner Trade
d.mantis Suggs Wagner Begarin
Thorrison Suggs Moody Herb Jones
NickDC Suggs Moody Wieskamp
TrollWizard Kuminga Moody Boston
crambo211 Suggs Moody Jokubaitis
Natles Suggs Wagner Cooper
Aaron Goldstone Suggs Wagner Bassey
FlaSportsFan Suggs Kispert Cash
airmaxpg Suggs Moody Boston
3.3seconds Suggs Sengun Cooper
whitemencanjump Suggs Primo McBride
cookiez Suggs Bouknight Cash
cyberstrike Suggs Bouknight Boston


Unsurprisingly, an overwhelming majority of people happily snapped up Jalen Suggs when he fell to the Magic at #5.

Troll Wizard stuck to their pick of Kuminga at 5, though I suspect this was just for funsies, and probably would have gone Suggs in the real world.

Moody (7) just beats out Wagner (6) for the most desired pick at #8.

As expected, the #33 pick was kind of all over the place...though McBride, Cooper, and Boston all had multiple takers.

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