5 & 8? Who you got and other musings

Hi everyone,

Great reading and debates going on with the draft discussion. Thought I'd put a few questions out there and see what everyone thinks.

Scenario: You are the GM and have complete say over what the Magic do. Who you got?

1. If picks 1-4 are consensus (Cade, Green, Mobley & Suggs) who are you picking?

2. For Bouknight fans -

a) Do you take Bouknight at 5?

b) Does his DUI from his freshman year cause any concern?

c) Does the injury cause any concern?

d) Does his 3pt shooting cause any concern?

3. GSW offer 7 & 14 for 5 do you take it and who do you pick if yes?

4. The Spurs offer Murray and 12 for 5, do you take it and who do you pick if yes?

5. New York offers 19 and 21 for 8, do you take it? and who do you pick if yes?

6. Detroit really wants Kuminga, ask for 5, 8 and Jonathan Isaac, do you take it?

7.Players you definitely do no want us to draft?

8. What about #33?

a) Trade for cash considerations or a future second rounder?

b) Draft and stash?

c) Petar or anyone else have any info on Roko Prakacin that would make us want him here?

d) Draft for team need?

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