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Reacts: Orlando Magic fans approve of newest City Edition jersey

Past meets present on the Magic’s newest jersey and fans approve

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Photo credit: Orlando Magic

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Orlando Magic fans approve of the newest addition to the team’s wardrobe.

The Magic unveiled their latest Nike NBA City Edition jersey earlier this week, combining their recent orange color scheme with some throwback features to celebrate the NBA’s 75th season.

Pooular features include the old Magic font of the original home jersey and comet basketball logo, pinstripes made of the Magic’s mid-90s rallying cry of “Why not us? Why not now?” and star-patterned side panels.

It’s the third variation of the Magic’s orange-colored jersey and seems to be the most popular of the collection.

According to the latest SB Nation Reacts survey, 80 percent of Magic fans like the newest jersey...

Ricky O’Donnell of SB Nation wasn’t quite as thrilled with the design in his ranking of all 30 of this season’s NBA City Edition jerseys. In fact, the Magic came in last, just behind the Miami Heat’s comically bad “ransom note” jersey.

“The Magic just need to stop trying to make that orange look happen,” O’Donnell writes.

Perhaps a bit harsh, but Magic fans themselves, despite giving their stamp of approval, also are clamoring for the same jersey design but in blue instead of orange.

Doing so might catapult the Magic to the top of these rankings...

The Magic will debut the jerseys on Nov. 24 when they host the Charlotte Hornets. The jerseys will go on sale on Nov. 15 online and at the Magic team team shop at Amway Center.

Check out DraftKings Sportsbook, the official sportsbook partner of SB Nation