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Orlando Magic add high-flying youngster in SB Nation’s Disney Character Draft

This prospect has a unique combination of athleticism, leadership and youth

Peter Pan Photo by LMPC via Getty Images

The Orlando Magic were targeting Mickey Mouse.

With Orlando Pinstriped Post holding the 12th pick in SB Nation’s Disney Character Draft — where each NBA team site selected an OG Disney character who could help their team on the court during the restart at Disney World — the chances of Mickey still being on the board were slim. The Magic need a franchise player who can not only elevate the team, but also create a buzz, put asses in the seats and maybe even get the Magic some national television appearances.

Who better to do that than a local product who happens to be Disney’s face of the franchise?

Mickey dropped further than expected...but not far enough, going sixth to Bullets Forever. We then were eyeing Genie from “Aladdin,” hoping to take advantage of his wingspan (a Magic buzzword these days) and, more importantly, the three wishes he would grant the team (Markelle Fultz becomes an All-Star, Jonathan Isaac has a healthy career, the Magic win a championship). But the Lakers continued their long tradition of stealing big men from the Magic, with Silver Screen and Roll selecting Genie with the seventh pick.

As the OPP war room scrambled for a replacement, we stumbled upon a prospect with a skill set perhaps more valuable than what Mickey would bring, offering a unique combination of athleticism, leadership and youth. The selection was submitted to the commish:

With the 12th pick in the 2020 SB Nation Disney Character Draft, Orlando Pinstriped Post selects......Peter Pan.

Peter Pan can fly, making it easy to attack the rim (think of the lobs from Markelle Fultz to an unimpeded Peter) or get constant wide open catch-and-shoot opportunities with no defender able to get within reach (giving the Magic some sorely needed spacing and outside shooting). With his ability to take flight on the defensive end, Peter Pan has unlimited wingspan (Jeff Weltman’s eyes just lit up) and incomparable shot-blocking and pass-deflecting ability (Steve Clifford just fainted). Also a skilled swordsman, the agility and man-to-man defense he has displayed during duels against intimidating opponents like Captain Hook will translate well on the court.

As the proven leader of the Lost Boys, Peter Pan also gives the Magic’s young core some valuable leadership they’ll need while transforming into a contending team. And just think of what some of Peter’s Pixie Dust could do for the Magic’s crucial but plodding players like Nikola Vucevic and Evan Fournier.

Perhaps best of all, as a native of Neverland, Peter Pan doesn’t age. He will forever remain in the prime of his career, handing Father Time its first L.

Peter Pan will keep the Magic in a perpetual state of contention...or at least until the Lakers steal him away in free agency.

Check back soon for a breakdown of the Orlando Magic’s actual restart roster