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Wes Iwundu enters concussion protocol after scary fall

Iwundu also received stitches after falling face-first onto the court

Los Angeles Lakers v Orlando Magic Photo by Jesse D. Garrabrant/NBAE via Getty Images

After taking a scary fall against the Lakers on Saturday, Wes Iwundu has been placed in concussion protocol.

Early in the second quarter, Iwundu was fouled while attempting a dunk in transition. After grabbing the rim, his hand slipped off awkwardly and he landed face-first on the court.

The Magic announced that Iwundu received four stitches for a laceration above his left eye.

“I’ll be honest, I feel like we’re fortunate. That was right in front of us and it was scary,” Steve Clifford told reporters on Sunday morning. “He really went down hard and the way he fell, he didn’t have an ability to stop his fall. Talked to him after the game and I feel fortunate, like I said, that he wasn’t hurt more significantly.”

Clifford said he believes concussion protocol remains the same under restart/bubble circumstances. In order to return to the court, Iwundu must be without concussion-related symptoms. He’ll then be examined by a physician and have to complete exertion protocol. If Iwundu is to miss time during the seeding games, with the Magic’s opener slated for Friday afternoon, it could create additional playing time for Melvin Frazier Jr., B.J. Johnson and/or Vic Law.

“All three of those guys - Melvin has spent more time obviously with us than the other two - but they’re good practice players, they’re good workers, they have a good idea of what we’re doing,” Clifford said. “And I think having the chance to play, although it’s been somewhat limited minutes in these scrimmages, has been good for all three of them also.”