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Aaron Gordon still mad about Dunk Contest, releases a Dwyane Wade diss track

The name of AG’s new song? “9 OUT OF 10”

NBA: All Star-Saturday Night Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

We now know what Aaron Gordon has been doing during quarantine:

Brooding over the Dunk Contest, writing lyrics and making music videos.

Gordon on Sunday night released the music video for his song “9 OUT OF 10” on his Instagram and YouTube channel. His frustration with Dwyane Wade for scoring his final dunk in the 2020 Dunk Contest a nine and robbing him of a win is now forever immortalized through this D-Wade diss track...

I’ve had these lyrics stuck in my head all day, and if just listened for the first time, you soon will too. Some personal favorites in no particular order?

  • “9 outta 10, coulda bought the fam a Benz.”
  • “9 outta 10, probably lost an M.”
  • “Even Adam Silver told me I deserve the gold.”
  • “Big chillin’, paint me as a villain. And I jumped over the biggest dude in the building.”
  • “Six years in the league, just wetting my feet.”
  • “Dreams up a dunk trophy, resting in peace.”
  • “Perfect’s, I got 8. That’ll ring bells all the way to heaven’s gates.”

We all are well-aware of the 2020 Dunk Contest backstory by now.

Gordon, looking to avenge his controversial loss to Zach LaVine in the 2016 Dunk Contest, had posted all perfect scores as he entered his final dunk against the Heat’s Derrick Jones Jr. Needing a 49 to win the contest, Gordon jumped over Tacko Fall for what everyone assumed was a trophy-clinching perfect 50. But Wade (allegedly breaking a pact with his fellow judges to force a tiebreaker) was one of three judges to give Gordon a 9 for a combined score of 47, costing him the contest. The reaction on social media was overwhelming and hysterical.

Just over 12 hours after the music video was released, Gordon was trending on Twitter and the video had over 135,000 views on YouTube and more than 133,000 views and 1,300 comments on AG’s Instagram.

Wade also responded, highlighting the fact that the video opens with Gordon pouring a glass of Wade’s signature wine....

Just give the poor guy some kind of trophy already.