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Aaron Gordon Dunk Contest merch now available

AG’s dunk over Tacko Fall is forever immortalized on t-shirts and hoodies

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Now Aaron Gordon can live on as Dunk Contest champion in our minds and on our shirts.

Aaron Gordon may not have a trophy to show for his classic performances, but he will forever be remembered as one of the best Dunk Contest contestants ever. Gordon merchandise is now hitting the shelves, including this t-shirt and hoodie from BreakingT that commemorates his epic dunk...

The image captures Gordon leaping over the 7-6 Tacko Fall, the former UCF star who is beloved in Central Florida and pretty much around the globe, for what should have been the trophy-sealing dunk. As we all know, Gordon was robbed by the judges (specifically Dwyane Wade) and lost by one point.

Wear the shirt proudly to remind everyone who really won the Slam Dunk Contest.

The shirt has been approved by the NBAPA and is available for purchased here through the BreakingT website.