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Orlando Magic unveil newest City Edition jersey

The new jersey blends old and new

Photo courtesy of the Orlando Magic

The Orlando Magic combined new and old looks with this season’s City Edition jersey.

The new being the orange coloring that was introduced last season.

The old being the addition of the classic pinstripes, stars and original font.

The jersey is a huge upgrade over last season’s City Edition jersey, which had a dark gray base with orange lettering and numbers honoring Central Florida’s ties to the citrus industry. The organization’s first drastic shift in color scheme received mixed reviews, but with a new court to match, it was quite clear the orange jerseys would be more than a one-year wonder.

The Magic began teasing the new City Edition jersey on Monday with a series of tweets, clearly showing the biggest change of all: a much more familiar white jersey.

“The new City Edition jersey is a modern blend of our region’s roots in orange and the teams’ classic look,” per “The pinstripes and stars that have always been symbols of the Magic meet the bright future of tomorrow in this bold design. It’s vibrant and inspirational, bursting with hope. It’s where the Magic of nostalgia and dreams come together, and what makes this city the ultimate destination to visit or live. That’s Orlando. That’s Magic. The community and team, together.”

It was very wise on the Magic’s part to incorporate elements of the classic pinstripe jerseys that much of the fanbase is clamoring for a full-time return to. My only wish is that they went with the full “Orlando” across the front.

But we are getting there, one letter/star at a time. Clear upgrade...

The jersey will be available for pre-sale on Dec. 3 at the Orlando Magic Team Shop and at

We will have to update our All-time Orlando Magic Jersey Rankings. Share your thoughts on the new look below...