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Orlando Magic 2020 NBA Draft Q&A

Who should the Magic target in the draft? Aaron Goldstone answers that and many other questions

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Draft day is approaching.

The Magic have decisions to make and needs to fill, at least of which hopefully will be filled by the player they select with the No. 15 pick on Nov. 18. Who should Jeff Weltman and the Orlando brass be targeting?

Our draft aficionado Aaron Goldstone answered that question and many more during a Q&A session on Twitter Wednesday night. Check out his thoughts below, and prepare your questions for his next Orlando Magic draft Q&A on Nov. 11.

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@HeartHustleOrl: Drafting Okeke last year IMO was a sign this front office is thinking long term. Do you anticipate them drafting another long term prospect this year? If they do, does this point toward a complete tear down after next season?

Goldstone: Weltman and co. haven’t shown the propensity to draft for positional need while in Orlando.

I think they will continue to stay true to their “board” and pick the BPA that has a chance to develop into something more than that slot value.

I also wouldn’t rule out a trade or drafting a stash player (Okeke is basically their rookie, would help with financial flexibility stashing a prospect like Bolmaro)...

It’s all on the table!

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@philipRR_OMD: Which second-round prospect will I become aware of a week before the Draft and then say, hey the Magic should take a look at this guy and then they take him?

Goldstone: I LOVE BANE!

I doubt he lasts to the second round, a smart team late in the first will surely scoop Desmond Bane up...

But as an “older” four-year college player, you never know how far they slip. Bane can shoot it, score, and he’s strong. Can play right now.

Grant Riller is another second round guy I would target (although, he could be late first, as well). Gets buckets, another strong/experienced player. Local Orlando kid, too. Huge fan of the combo-guard’s game.

And give me stock on Markus Howard island. He could play for me!

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@ryannwwhite: What are the odds of Orlando trading up Mr. Goldstone?

Goldstone: I think those odds depend on what teams ahead of them are willing to do...It’s always a possibility, I do think we see some trades around the league on draft night. Not a lot of money (or players) available in Free Agency this offseason.

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@Stephen0610: Who’s your top 3 big board for the Magic at 15?

Goldstone: 1) Aaron Nesmith, 2) Devin Vassell, 3 Kira Lewis Jr.

Since Vassell will likely be gone by the time the Magic pick, I’ll give you another name I’m warming on: Tyrell Terry. (Check out Aaron’s full scouting report on Tyrell Terry here.)

@Stephen0610: Why is Nesmith 1? Outside of his shooting I don’t see much in his game.

Goldstone: The space he would create. Not enough long-term floor-stretchers on the roster. Can be a plus role-player, can shoot with movement, off-screens. I think he fits Orlando’s system & I like the way Coach Stackhouse used him (before the injury).

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@KeithManze: How do the Magic “win” in the draft in your eyes?

Goldstone: Assuming the pick is made, I think the Magic get a “win” by bringing in a prospect that has dissimilar skills/complements picks they’ve made before.

I think you can draft for depth/positional need while also seeking out the best long-term prospect. Why not both?

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@EduardoFlorez04: You think [Tyrese] Maxey would be a good fit?

Goldstone: That’s tough. I’m not sure Maxey would be a great fit next to Markelle Fultz in the backcourt long term.

But Maxey is definitely a prospect I think has more to his game than he showed at Kentucky. And he can REALLY defend.

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@LegendofBamba: What do you think about a RJ Hampton/Fultz combination?

Goldstone: It depends on how real some of the rumors are about his much-improved shooting form/touch working with Penny/MMiller...

There are other guards in this class I like more. I have RJ eighht on my Magic-specific board.

They would be crazy fast as a backcourt duo, I know that.

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@Micha5ive: Do u see Kira having the offensive creativity to play off ball? Right now he looks like he will take the ball out Fultz hands and what’s the intrigue with Vassell?

Goldstone: Yeah, Kira is an on-ball guy for me (right now at least). You are right, could be fit crossover with Fultz. If I thought he was the guy though, that wouldn’t stop me from picking him. Dude can scoot, fun film to watch.

Vassell is just solid, defensive instincts are terrific.

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@CromerZome: With Okeke essentially being the rookie this year, do you think the front office will look to trade back and pick up a future pick or the shooters sitting towards the back half of the 1st round (Green, Bey, Isaiah Joe, etc) for flexibility?

Goldstone: I’m not a huge fan of the top of this draft, but I think there’s really nice value in the mid-first round.

I don’t think the Magic would have a ton to gain moving back, they’re in a good spot now. It would obviously depend on what else they got in the deal.

Thank you to everyone who submitted questions. Be sure to check @OPPMagicBlog for round two of the Orlando Magic 2020 NBA Draft Q&A on Nov. 11. And follow @AaronGoldstone for NBA Draft and Orlando Magic insight and analysis.