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Orlando Magic headlines: The best of OPP in 2019

A look back at some of our favorite Magic stories of the year

Cleveland Cavaliers v Orlando Magic Photo by Fernando Medina/NBAE via Getty Images

For the Magic, the decade started strong, with a trip to the Eastern Conference Finals, and finished well, with a return to the postseason.

By the end of 2019, the Magic had ended their seven-year postseason drought, produced an All-Star, traded for a former No. 1 pick, and saw progress in the development of what they hope will be cornerstone pieces.

Despite the slow start to the 2019-2020 season, including that inexcusable decade-ending loss to the Hawks, 2019 was a successful year for the Orlando Magic.

Just as we did at the end of last year, we looked back at the year that was and put together our favorite stories below. Thank you all as always for joining us and staying loyal to the Magic through the good times and bad.

Happy New Year to all!

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