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The Orlando Magic’s orange court is real

Terrence Ross gave fans a sneak peak of the Magic’s long-rumored alternate court

NBA: Atlanta Hawks at Orlando Magic Aaron Doster-USA TODAY Sports

Orange is the new blue.

The Orlando Magic, who have rarely deviated from their traditional black, blue and white color schemes, will indeed have traces of orange on their court at times this season.

We have long heard rumors of an orange-themed City Edition court and jersey, which would pay homage to Central Florida and its ties to citrus as “The Orange State.” The Orlando Magic could have even been called the Orlando Juice, which was one of the four finalists for the team name back in the late 80s.

Terrence Ross has now confirmed that the orange rumors are true after posting a short video to social media that gave fans a sneak peak of the new court (I hope T-Ross doesn’t get in trouble for this)...

A full rendering of the potential court was leaked earlier this year, and it now looks as if it was pretty accurate...

Now we wait on the jerseys....