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Orlando Magic unveil new court designs

Looks like the Magic will use three different courts this season

NBA: Atlanta Hawks at Orlando Magic Aaron Doster-USA TODAY Sports

The Orlando Magic unveiled not one but three different court designs on Thursday.

The images were included in a video the Magic tweeted out to promote tickets going on sale...

The “Core” design eliminates the Magic’s primary logo (never cared much for the font) at center court and replaces it with the the much preferable secondary logo. Based on its name, and assuming the Magic will indeed be using all three designs, I guess this is the court the Magic will use most frequently. “The Magic” font has been added inside the three-point line at each end of the court, replacing the original “RDV” insignia that honored Magic owner Rich DeVos. All three courts include the recently added “Rich and Helen DeVos Court” insignia.

The “Icon” design also used the secondary logo but also adds black paint in the key. The “Association” design maintains the original logo and adds the secondary logo inside the three-point line.

Modest alterations but the “Icon” court is my favorite of the three, love the black paint. Though I, like many, had been hoping for a retro court design with the old school logo and parquet floor.

Your thoughts?