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Orlando Magic unveil orange City Edition uniform

The long-rumored orange jerseys have arrived

Orlando Magic

As we said earlier this year: Orange is the New Blue.

For the first time, the Magic will wear a jersey that features a color scheme far outside of their traditional combination of blue, black, silver and white (those short-sleeve gray jerseys at least had blue lettering). The long-rumored orange jersey became a reality on Thursday as the Magic unveiled this season’s City Edition uniforms at NBA Experience in Disney Springs. The uniforms, which honor Central Florida’s ties to the citrus industry, feature a dark gray base with orange lettering and trim. Instead of the secondary logo that had been customary on Orlando’s previous City Edition jerseys, this year’s design features the “ORL” abbreviation...

Orlando Magic

Reaction, as is typical with most jersey designs, has been mixed. They definitely look like something straight out of the closet of the Phoenix Suns, but overall, for such a drastic change, I like the minimalist design...although I wouldn’t have been mad if they added some orange pinstripes and/or put an orange in place of the letter “O.”

“It’s unique,” Nikola Vucevic told John Denton of “I’ve been here a long time and it’s always been black, blue, gray and white and now we’re going to look different. We’re in Orlando, in Orange County and Florida is big for oranges, so it goes well.”

The jerseys, which go on sale on Nov. 27, will go very well with Orlando’s orange court that Terrence Ross gave us a sneak peak of back in September...

That video was the final clue that orange jerseys were indeed going to be a real thing. Though, long before that, Magic Twitter had been releasing a variety of potential designs for the orange-themed uniforms....

What are your thoughts? And where should the orange jerseys fall on our all-time Magic jersey rankings?