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Morning Magic: Your daily headlines, 3-0 in the preseason edition

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A round-up of Orlando Magic content from around the web

Orlando Magic v Atlanta Hawks Photo by Scott Cunningham/NBAE via Getty Images

We gather all Magic content from around the web and deliver it to you. Consider it one-stop shopping for all Magic headlines. But first...

Magic Tweets of the Day

Magic Headlines

The Magic showed that they can win ugly with their victory over the Hawks.

Could Aaron Gordon’s path to stardom be comparable to that of Blake Griffin or Draymond Green or other All-Stars? Our Garrett Townsend takes a look.

ICYMI, check out Cory Hutson’s guide to controlling your Markelle Fultz hype.

The Magic relied on their defense - and Terrence Ross - in their victory over the Hawks, writes Roy Parry of the Orlando Sentinel.

The Magic’s young core of Gordon, Fultz, Bamba, and Isaac are thriving early in preseason, Parry writes.

Al-Farouq Aminu gives back to Nigeria, where his grandfather was a king, writes Stephen Ruiz of the Orlando Sentinel.

Behind Terrence Ross’ offense and the Magic’s stifling defense, the Magic stayed unbeaten in the preseason, writes John Denton of

Markelle Fultz has a chance to be a great defender, writes Josh Cohen of

Terrence Ross gave the Magic’s struggling offense the spark it needed and earned a B for his performance in the nightly grades column by Philip Rossman-Reich of Orlando Magic Daily.

The Magic’s offensive focus is on their pace of play, Rossman-Reich writes.

The Magic’s gamble on Markelle Fultz is starting to look pretty good, writes Dan Devine of The Ringer.

Markelle Fultz is one of five players who could swing a team’s season for better or worse, writes Shaker Samman.

Markelle Fultz has showed progress in the preseason, writes Dan Feldman of NBC Sports.