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Orlando Magic and NBA to make “major announcement” on Tuesday

What will it be? Take your best guess

NBA: Orlando Magic-Press Conference Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

Brace yourselves for a major announcement in Orlando.

The Magic announced on Twitter that the team and the NBA will make a “major announcement” on Tuesday afternoon.

What the announcement will be remains a mystery at the moment, leaving all of Magic Twitter in suspense. The leading guesses around social media so far…

-The All-Star Game will be returning to Orlando (would be the third time – 1992, 2012)

-The Magic will play regular season games overseas (Josh Robbins of the Orlando Sentinel reported in October that the Magic informed the NBA they would like to play outside of the United States and Canada during the 2018-2019 season, with Asia being their preferred destination)

-The Magic will be streaming games on Facebook (baseball experimented with exclusive Facebook streaming this season)

-The Magic will be changing their jerseys (doesn’t seem worthy of a “major announcement” designation and having the league involved. Plus, with the Magic’s 30-year anniversary coming in 2019-2020, it seems any significant jersey change will come then rather than next season) CORRECTION:

-The Magic have preemptively traded Mo Bamba to the Lakers, continuing the long tradition of prominent Magic centers going to Los Angeles (Just made this one up)

Whatever the announcement is, we’ll all find out together on Tuesday at noon on the Magic’s Facebook Live. Unless of course there is a Woj Bomb.