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Dwight Howard got roasted by John Oliver

Oliver was discussing trade and the former Magic center was an easy target

Los Angeles Lakers Introduce Dwight Howard Photo by Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images

Dwight Howard is now on the wrong side of late-night political talk show jokes.

And since there are still Magic fans out there (me!) who enjoy cheap shots at their former center, I thought we should share it here.

On Sunday’s episode of Last Week Tonight with John Oliver on HBO, Oliver opened his monologue on trade and tariffs by using Howard as an example of a poor acquisition.

“Trade is the basic system of barter and exchange which you have to do carefully or you’ll end up with Dwight Howard,” Oliver said as an image appeared of Howard wearing six different jerseys.

Howard, of course, is now with his seventh NBA team (if you count the Brooklyn Nets). When he takes the court for the Wizards this season, Howard will be playing for his fourth team in four years.

“Seriously, parents. Talk to your children about trade,” Oliver said. “You don’t want them to go to school with pizza Lunchables and coming home with Dwight Howard. You think he’s going to add a 3-point shot to his game now, kid? Grow up.”

Howard, now 32 years old, has been traded three times in his career. He was dealt from Orlando to Los Angeles in 2012, from Atlanta to Charlotte in 2017, and from Charlotte to Brooklyn this summer.

So it’s understandable that Oliver would use Howard as an analogy during a trade monologue.

And yes, there will come a day when I stop being bitter about Dwight Howard forcing his way out of Orlando, but that day is not today.