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2018 NBA Free Agency: Isaiah Thomas just followed the Orlando Magic on Twitter

The free agent point guard and the Magic kind of make sense for each other

NBA: Los Angeles Lakers at New Orleans Pelicans Derick E. Hingle-USA TODAY Sports

Of the 2,361 accounts that Isaiah Thomas follows on Twitter, there is only one NBA team that he hasn’t already played for and still follows: the Orlando Magic.

It is believed that Thomas, a free agent point guard, just followed the Magic, a team in need of a point guard, as recently as Monday.

And since we live in an era where the first evidence of free agency movement can be who an athlete follows, a photo they have liked, or a subtweet they have sent out, Thomas may have just publicly expressed his interest in the Orlando Magic.

(Side note: a quick scroll through Thomas’ followers shows that he also follows many NBA players, including Aaron Gordon and Terrence Ross)

It’s unlikely that a rebuilding and financially-limited team like the Magic that is looking to develop its young players would offer Thomas the multi-year deal he is likely hoping for. If Thomas, who is coming off hip surgery, is looking for an opportunity to showcase himself and is willing to sign a one-year deal (perhaps with an option on the second year) in order to re-enter free agency in the summer of 2019 when more teams have cap room, it makes sense.

Orlando, with one point guard currently on the roster and a lack of shooters, offers Thomas an opportunity for plenty of minutes and plenty of shots. In return, Thomas gives the Magic an explosive scorer, playmaker and something of a marketable name.

The 29-year old Thomas averaged 15.2 points and 4.8 assists while shooting just over 37 percent from the floor. Those numbers, during an injury-riddles season in which he was traded from the Cavs to the Lakers, are a far cry from the averages he put up during his All-Star seasons in 2016, when he averaged 22.2 points, and 2017, when he averaged 28.9 points.

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