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FanPost: 8 Bold Predictions for the Upcoming Magic Season

The Magic appear to be done making moves, so let’s dive into some possibilities for next year

NBA: Summer League-Brooklyn Nets at Orlando Magic Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

Every now and then, we will highlight and promote some of the more creative FanPosts from the site. The following post was originally made by whitemencanjump on July 19.

As you know, we are heading into the doldrums of the NBA off-season, so let’s assess where we’re at as Magic fans.

First off, it’s safe to assume we are all a little disappointed. Yes, we may have nabbed a stud in the draft, and signed Aaron Gordon to a very team-friendly contract, but many of us were rooting for more.

Maybe that spark would come, we hoped, in the form of a cap-clearing trade with eyes on the buyers market that defined the 2018 NBA free agency. Some were also hoping to see a trade materialize for a stud PG.

I think it’s safe to say fans are a little irritated with the slow methodical approach that the Magic front office seems to be taking. As my new friend wandererrr64 likes to say, some of us just want to paint the house already!

The idea for this post is just daydreaming about some things that I’m using my intuition on that I feel could happen in the next twelve months.

Without further ado, let’s get started:

#1 With the Eastern Conference looking weaker than ever, Aaron Gordon makes the All-Star team

#2 D.J. Augustin steps up, becomes a valuable asset then gets traded

#3 The Magic strike out during the off-season, embrace the tank and pick in the top 5 of the 2019 NBA Draft (most likely drafting a shooting guard or a wing)

#4 Mohammed Bamba isn’t physically ready to take the pounding of an 82-game regular season and suffers an injury to his foot or ankle causing him to miss significant time

#5 Terrence Ross has a bounce-back season and re-signs with the Magic next summer

#6 The Magic are unable to attract a max-level free agent next offseason and submit an offer sheet for a restricted free agent

#7 Nikola Vucevic is traded at the deadline for a young player on a rookie contract

#8 The Magic sign either Trey Burke or Spencer Dinwiddie in free agency

There are my predictions for the next year! I look forward to reading some of your predictions in the comments thread.