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Twitter reacts to the Magic re-signing Aaron Gordon

The tweets were 99.9 percent positive

NBA: Detroit Pistons at Orlando Magic Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

Aaron Gordon will remain in Orlando and Magic Twitter is very happy about it.

Whether it was Orlando fans expressing their joy with the signing, opposing fans showing their disappointment because their team didn’t sign Gordon, or media types complimenting the Magic on the contract, a majority of the tweets about Gordon re-signing were overwhelming positive.

This is now the second consecutive “Twitter reacts...” story where the response to a move the Magic made was nearly universally praised on social media, following the drafting of Mo Bamba. That wasn’t the case in previous editions, so let’s hope it shows the Magic are finally moving in the right direction.

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We now add Aaron Gordon to the list (and coming soon: “Twitter reacts to Mario Hezonja leaving the Magic”).

The tweets below are the best of the best that Twitter had to offer about Gordon re-signing with the Magic. Feel free to share any others worth seeing if the comments below...