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Do you Believe in Magic Podcast, Episode 18: Clifford’s Impact, Draft Day, Hezonja, and AG

The OPP crew discuss the Magic offseason and answer mailbag questions

NBA: Washington Wizards at Orlando Magic Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

The Orlando Magic are just two weeks away from the NBA Draft, and Jeff Weltman has almost tied the bow on the coaching staff.

With former Hornets assistants Mike Batiste, Bruce Kreutzer, and Pat Delany and Steve Hetzel now in tow, the Magic are but one lead assistant away from a full bench. Could this be a possible landing spot for coveted offensive mastermind, Nick Nurse?

Tim Cranjis of Nylon Calculus and Real Bball Insider breaks down why Steve Clifford, the defensive coach, engineered the number one ‘offensive’ schematic system in Charlotte last year, and why Orlando and its players will all elevate in play next year under his system.

Want to learn what a ‘Ram Ball Screen’ is? A must listen and a must follow (@T1M_NBA).

Next we bring on Zach Oliver, Aaron Goldstone, and Will Ogburn to discuss draft day scenarios not limited to the Magic’s number six overall pick, but their 35th and 41st as well. Could players like Nikola Vucevic and Evan Fournier be on the move, how would the Magic package them, and what could they hope to earn in return?

In addition, many prognosticators have five of the first six teams, going ‘big,’ but what if one of them selects Michael Porter Jr? Could the Magic pick be made available to teams like the Clippers who hold the 12th and 13th picks, or the Celtics, who could have as many as five first round picks in 2019?

Finally we take mailbag questions! Could Nikola Vucevic be extended? What will be the future with Mario Hezonja? When will we see the Magic experiment with Isaac at the five? Should the Magic go big on June 21st? Can Aaron Gordon fit into the three alongside Isaac at the four?

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Let’s go Magic!