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Twitter reacts to the Magic drafting Mo Bamba

A collection of the best tweets of the night about the Magic’s new big man

NBA: NBA Draft Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

Mo Bamba is a member of the Orlando Magic….and Twitter approves.

Over the past few months, after significant moments in the Magic season or offseason, we have done a “Twitter reacts…” story and the response has been, at best, divided but mostly negative. Whether it was when Twitter reacted to the Steve Clifford hiring, or when Twitter reacted to the Magic getting the sixth pick in the NBA Draft or when Twitter reacted to Frank Vogel getting fired.

But with the selection of Bamba, a majority of tweets were positive and believed that the Magic made the best selection they could of the players available. I, for one, would agree.

Of course, there were some negative tweets sprinkled in, mostly by those concerned about the Magic’s lack of a starting point guard and failure to address their dismal offensive efficiency in any way. Understandable concerns. And I sure am curious to know how this Draft would have played out for the Magic had the trade between the Hawks and Mavericks not taken place.

But rather than wonder about what could have been and worry about the Magic’s point guard issues, let’s enjoy the fact that Orlando had a pretty solid night.

With Bamba, Jonathan Isaac and Aaron Gordon, the Magic now have a promising, young frontcourt with length and athleticism and they need a nickname ASAP. I say we just take each of their last initials and call them “BIG.” And if they have success down the line: “Victorious B.I.G.”

Anyway, here are some tweets about Bamba and the Magic that I thought were among the best of the best. Feel free to add others in the comments below.