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Fanpost: One Possible Magic Trade With Every NBA Team

With the draft fast approaching, here’s a look at how the Magic could shake things up.

NBA: Boston Celtics at Minnesota Timberwolves Brad Rempel-USA TODAY Sports

Every now and then, we will highlight and promote some of the more creative Fanposts from the site. The following post was originally made by Ramore on June 14.

By Ramore

Because the draft and free agency can’t come quick enough, I’ve started looking at other teams threads and came across one where the guy threw out a trade with every team so I decided to waste my time on it as well.

The Magic have been in the doldrums of a rebuild for far too long and sold a bill of goods on how next year will be better repeatedly. Many of us want a change of players if for no other reason than cheering or despising new faces.

I didn’t approach this with one philosophy in mind. Some of these were more “win now” moves, and others were “blow it up” moves, while others were just boring cap management moves. I looked at the teams’ rosters, thought about their situations, and tried to come up with a deal that teams may consider. There are a lot of “what ifs” that came with this, as in some require another player on the roster to opt out of the last year of the contract, or another team not like the players in their draft range or a superstar is coming to town.

The philosophy I approached it with was this: If I’m John Hammond, and I’m out to dinner with the other team’s GM, and we’ve had a couple glasses of wine and a big meal, what type of deals would we start throwing out there?

Also note that I didn’t include 3-team trade options or sign-and-trade options. Many would assume that I would include a sign and trade for AG but all these moves are pre-draft and you can’t deal with him till free agency. So Let’s GO!

NBA: Charlotte Hornets at Orlando Magic Jonathan Dyer-USA TODAY Sports


Atlanta - Atlanta is looking to get really young and have all bad the cap roll off at the same time. They want Young and believe they can get him at 6. They ask for Vuc, DJ, 6th pick, the Nets 2019 2nd rounder and the OKC pick. They give us Schroder, Prince, and the 3rd pick. Our FO is in love with Bamba and afraid he won’t fall to them. They pick up two need positions PG and SF while getting their guy.

Boston - LeBron is serious about moving to Boston, but Kyrie won’t play with him, so he gets him banished to the Magic. Boston trades Kyrie and the 27th pick for Vuc, DJ, and the 6th pick. We become relevant again and try and build around a star so maybe he will stay with us. Seriously though, if LeBron tells the Celtics that this kind of deal could sway him, they’ll do it. Plus they could have PG depth and a HUGE upgrade at Center on 2nd team.

Brooklyn - The Nets want Lin and Mozgov off the books. The Magic counter with wanting to dump their own bloated C contract in Biz and pick up a young player. Lin, Mozgov, LeVert and the 45th pick for Biz, Ross and the 35th pick.

Charlotte - The Hornets are looking to move up in the worst way and cut some salary this year and next. Magic offer Mack, Vuc, Biz, Ross, 6th pick, and 41st pick. Hornets give back Dwight, Kemba, Kidd-Gilchrist, the 11th pick, and 55th pick. They wave Mack immediately and let Vuc and Ross roll off after this year.

Chicago - I can see that Chicago is going to need to clear some roster spots after this draft. Knowing this, we send them Ross and the OKC pick (which I think ends up being two second-rounders) for Valentine, Grant, and Felicio.

Cleveland - I’m not trading with the Cavaliers unless it’s for one thing...the King. LeBron opts in and demands a trade to Orlando, says he misses FL :D So we trade Biz, Vuc, Ross, Mack, JI, 6th pick, 41st pick, 2019 1st round and 2020 OKC pick for LeBron and Kevin Love! DJ/Fournier/LeBron/AG/KLove

(Editor’s note: this is madness)

Detroit - Pistons come in with a new coach looking to change things up. So we trade Mack, Fournier and the 41st pick for Reggie Jackson and Stanley Johnson.

Indiana - Obviously they aren’t giving Oladipo back so why not give them who we kept instead. They need more firepower and we need another first round pick. Magic Trade Fournier and 41st pick for Jefferson, Collison and the 23rd pick.

Miami - I know, I hate the Heat too, but the deal was to find one trade for every team. Magic trade Biz, Mack and the 41st pick for Whiteside. They get some cap relief and a pick this year. We get a baby center who hopefully learns to play hard for Clifford.

Milwaukee - The Bucks have a new FO that doesn’t feel attached to the picks of yesteryear and they need a center. Magic trade Vuc, Iwundu, 41st this year and OKC pick for Thon, Brogdon, and Dellavidova.

New York - The Knicks are a stocked at PG and about to take another if rumors are true plus they could use another playmaker. Magic trade Fournier and Knicks send Lee home along with Trey Burke and Mudiay.

Philadelphia - With an eye on luring LeBron and another star, Philly doesn’t need to have two first-rounders to pay. They also need to replace Redick’s production since he won’t take a reduction to play. Enter the Magic, who trade Fournier and the OKC pick for Bayless, Anderson, McConnell and the 26th pick.

Toronto - The Raptors have a new head coach that knows he needs to do something different, he needs to get younger and tougher. Raptors trade Lowry, Miles, and Richardson for the 35th pick (so they have one this year) DJ, Fournier, Simmons, and Mack. They cut Mack, DJ backs up the younger VanVleet and Simmons is the toughness.

NBA: Orlando Magic at Toronto Raptors Dan Hamilton-USA TODAY Sports

Washington - The Magic have wanted a real SF for years, and the Wizards want to move up and cut some salary, If ‘our guy’ doesn’t fall to us, I’d love to see this happen. We trade Fournier, Mack, Iwundu and the 6th pick for Otto Porter Jr. and the 15th pick. Also, we swap 41 for 45.


Dallas - The Mavericks need a center since they aren’t re-signing Noel and we want to move up to make sure we get our guy. Magic Trade Vuc, Iwundu, 6th and 41st pick for JJ Barea, Finney-Smith (he’s homesick for FL) 5th and 33rd pick.

Denver - The rumors are the Nuggets are looking to trade Faried’s contract and willing to move their first round pick for cap relief. That tells me they don’t value him at all. Magic trade Fournier and Mack for Faried, D. Arthur, and the 14th pick. Honestly, this could possibly happen... maybe throw in a future 2nd rounder.

Golden State - The Warriors have been riding high, but trouble is brewing. Eventually, someone is going to want to be PAID. Klay is throwing off signals and Livingston wants to start for someone and is asking GS to trade him. Magic trade Fournier, Mack, JI, 35th pick and 41st pick and 2019 first round lottery protected. Golden State sends Livingston, Thompson, and the 28th pick. They wave Mack, develop JI into a future monster, and get good production from a wide-open Fournier on a locked-in deal.

Houston - The Rockets need someone to help them. They are drowning under the weight of that Anderson contract and they know this is their moment to win is right now. The Magic know they aren’t really going anywhere for 2 years minimum. Magic Trade Fournier and Mack. Rockets trade Ryan Anderson, 2019 unprotected and 2021 unprotected first rounder. We would have 22mil coming off the books next year and 36.5mil coming off the year after.

LA Clippers - The Clippers have two picks and looking for a healthier player and would love cap space. Magic offer pick 41, the OKC pick, Fournier, and Mack for Gallinari, Thornwell, Evans and pick 13.

LA Lakers - The Lakers need cap space while they attract the BIG dogs. So while they traded for a first round pick they really need a second and they would love to get rid of Deng’s contract while replacing Caldwell-Pope’s shooting. This is going to sound familiar; Magic offer Fournier and Mack pick 35 and 41. Lakers send back Deng (who will play for us), Ennis, and Zubac plus the 25th pick.

Memphis - The Grizzlies are interesting they can go for a win now or reset... I’m betting they go win now. Magic offer Vuc, Fournier, and pick 6 and 41 for Parsons, Rabb and pick 4!

Minnesota - The Timberwolves need more shooters and Thibs could care less about rookies. Magic Trade DJ, Fournier Pick 35 and our 2nd rounder next year for Gibson, Aldrich, Patton and the 20th pick.

New Orleans - The Pelicans were tough, man. I don’t really want what they are selling but I found a deal of delayed gratification. Magic trade Fournier for Hill, Diallo and a 2019 first round pick.

Oklahoma City - The Thunder were another terrible team to look at. Ultimately, we offered Fournier, Mack, and Simmons for a top 3 protected 2019 first round pick for T. Ferguson and Carmelo Anthony, who was told he would immediately be offered a full buy out so he could go where he wanted to.

Phoenix - The Suns had a rough year but ended up blessed with the #1 pick. With a pro-ready prospect like Ayton, Phoenix thinks they are much closer to playoffs then people think and they want to get there asap, but they need a backup PG and more playmakers. Magic offer DJ, Fournier, Iwundu for Dudley, Chandler, Ulis and the 16th pick.

Portland - The Trailblazers have been bounced twice from the playoffs and are feeling the pinch to do something new. They want to move up but also keep production while looking for a backup PG. Magic offer pick 6, Fournier and DJ for McCollum, Swanigan and pick 24.

Sacramento - Truly the only team that makes me feel good about ours. In an effort to not pay Cauley-Stein and get something for him, they take from us the 35th pick and Biz for Randolph, Stein, and Mason III. :D

San Antonio - I’m assuming with this scenario that talks break down with Kawhi, a paranoid Pop banishes him to the East and tries to put him on a team where he has no shot to be a thorn in their side. Spurs trade Kwahi, Murray, pick 18 and 49 for Fournier, Mack, JI, pick 6 and 41, 2019 first rounder and OKC pick, 2021 pick lottery protected.

Utah - I saved the best for last...also this is the order on the trade machine. I think Mitchell is the Truth and I would throw a Godfather offer at Utah for him. If they came looking to move up (I could see them falling for young) I’d keep sweetening the pot till I got him. Magic trade Fournier, DJ, JI, pick 6 and 41, 2019 first rounder and OKC pick, 2021 pick lottery protected. Utah sends back Rubio, Crowder, Mitchell, pick 21 and 52. That’s right, I’m trading almost as much as Kawhi. This kid is phenomenal and on his rookie deal at that.