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Do you Believe in Magic Podcast, Episode 18: The NBA Draft and Free Agency ideas for the Magic

With the draft less than a week away, the OPP crew discuss the Magic’s options

NCAA Basketball: Oklahoma at Baylor Ray Carlin-USA TODAY Sports

The Orlando Magic are less than a week away from the NBA Draft and the uncertainty as to the pecking order of this year’s prospects has nearly reached a tipping point.

Luka Doncic may not be interested in playing in the NBA next season.

Michael Porter Jr., said to be the class’ best, cancelled his second pro day due to hip concerns and muscle spasms:

Yet, Porter Jr. remains one of five players to win MVP of McDonald’s All-American Game, as well as Naismith and Gatorade National Player of the Year awards, joining LeBron James, Dwight Howard, Chris Webber, and Alonzo Mourning.

Disagreements abound over the stock of Duke big men Marvin Bagley III and Wendell Carter Jr.

To make matters even more interesting, at least two of the top five teams (the Kings and Mavericks) are looking to trade back in the lottery, while a third wants to trade up!

So how will this affect the Orlando Magic?

The Magic will certainly have their pick of a talented player who can contribute to a squad that already boasts tremendous upside in Aaron Gordon (if he is re-signed) and Jonathan Isaac. Isaac and Gordon carry plenty of athleticism and defensive instinct to go along with their high-motored playing styles. Finding the right front court partner to anchor the defense, or back court to pilot the offense is Jeff Weltman and John Hammond’s problem to solve.

In the latest episode of Do you Believe in Magic, Zach Oliver, Aaron Goldstone, and Will Ogburn dive into realistic quandaries the Magic may find themselves in on Thursday night, and how the front office will navigate their way through these uncertain possibilities.

In addition, not enough is being made of the Magic’s 35th and 41st overall picks in the second round. We’ve seen what production can come from these selections in Kevan Looney, Jordan Bell and Patrick McCaw of the Golden State Warriors, as well as players like Dillon Brooks and Draymond Green. Will the Magic be able to unearth another long term contributor with those selections, or possibly trade up into the latter half of the first round?

Finally, I break down the Magic’s current cap position, and why the Magic actually sit in an advantageous position. With teams’ across the association lacking for flexibility financially, the Magic sit in a powerful position going forward.

With many teams facing the luxury tax, while not necessarily competing, the Magic could offer relief to some squads in exchange for positive assets.

The teams needing to offload salary include: Portland, Milwaukee, Cleveland, Washington, and Toronto, among others.

Finally, the Magic will likely match whatever deal Aaron Gordon should sign in free agency, but after that, will they utilize their Mid-Level and Bi-Annual exceptions? If so, how will they spend them?

Join us as we answer these questions and many more.

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